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Beautiful Fences at Affordable Prices

01 Feb 17
Tobias Eastin
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Once in awhile our customers want something different than our popular style of Clyde. This highlights just a small few of the different types of fences we supply and produce.



007 Fence Panel

6′ 007 Style #1

This 6’X6′ panel features:

7/8″X3″X.060″ & 7/8″X1 1/2″X.080 pickets alternating

2″X3 1/2″X.120″  Rails on the bottom, middle and top

Picket spacing 1 1/2″ evenly throughout

4’X6′  $56.47

5’X6′  $79.34

6’X6′  $92.65

Also available in Tan as special order-add 15%

Shadow Box Fence Panel





6′ Shadow Box Semi Private

This 6’X6′ fence panel features:

7/8″X6″X.055″ Pickets with a 1″ overlap

3 1/4″X 3 1/4″X.120″ rails on top, bottom and middle

4’X6′ $74.67

5’X6′ $95.52

6’X6′ $100.25

Available in tan add 15%