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Before Installing a Fence in Your Front Yard

While a fence, in theory, is a pretty simple amenity, there are several things you should consider before running out and having a new fence installed around your front yard.

fence installation around your yard, beverly hills flHere are eight fencing guidelines

Can you lawfully erect a fence in your front yard?

Likely you can, but it never hurts to check with your local zoning and building departments – especially if you’re new to the neighborhood and notice that none of your neighbors have fences.

What are the allowable height parameters for a new fence?

This also can be handled with zoning and/or building. Many jurisdictions restrict the allowable height for front yard fences, so get the numbers before you start with planning.

The purpose of your fence

Front yard fences can serve a few different purposes:

  • Security fence
  • Privacy fence
  • Safety fence for kids and pets
  • Decorative/ornamental fence
  • Wind-block fence

Get clear on what you want your fence to accomplish, then move on to:

What materials would be best for your fence?

A fence can be made from just about any material, but certain materials are more suitable for certain types of fences. For example, PVC/vinyl is great for privacy fences and wind-block fences; metal works well as a security fence; wood with pickets makes a nice decorative fence. Consult with your fencing contractor (see below) to narrow down your materials choices.

Will gates be involved?

Gating and access points in a front yard fence can be discussed with your contractor, but it’s a good idea to have a fairly solid idea going in about where you’ll want to have gates and other access points placed within the fence structure. The more you know about exactly what you want, the smoother (and faster) the installation will be.

Who’s going to build the fence?

This is a critical consideration when planning a front yard fence. Unless you or someone you know has experience in fence-building and the tools and knowledge to do it correctly, you’ll need a professional. Shop well. Ask questions. Follow up on references. Ensure the person or company is licensed and insured.

professional fence installation, homosassa flKnow your property boundaries

If you and your neighbors aren’t crystal clear on where property lines lie, have a survey performed. The time to know about one less foot of space on your side is before you put a fence one foot across your neighbor’s property.

Good neighbor fence practices

“Good neighbor” is a term commonly used in the fencing industry to refer to your communication with neighbors about your new fence project. First, neighbors need to know that you’ll be adding a fence and that there might be some disruption for X-amount of days. They also may want to move things or make adjustments on their property before construction begins.


Do you need an experienced fencing contractor?

If it’s time to build a front yard fence and you aren’t interested in attempting it yourself, A Perfect 10 Fencing is ready to help. We’re insured and licensed Florida fencing contractor with years of experience building “perfect-10” fences that delight and amaze.

Speak with a Brooksville-area fencing pro at (352) 606-2623 or get in touch through our handy contact form.