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Enclosing Areas & Objects with a Fence

Not all fences need to encircle an entire residential or commercial property. With the versatility and materials choices, modern fencing is an ideal enclosure for many different areas of a property and objects within those areas.

Here are some popular uses for partial fencing.

animal fence enclosure, hernando flAnimal enclosures

If you raise exotic birds, chickens, certain reptiles and other wild animals on your property, a strong fence is mandatory. Fencing materials such as wood pickets and chain link can make secure and attractive borders for your animals.

A dog run is another unique use for fencing. A well-made dog run will allow your pet to get plenty of exercise and fresh air while keeping him away from what he’s not supposed to get into.

Swimming pools

Aluminum, PVC, chain link and wood fencing all do a great job in keeping a swimming pool safe and saving lives. It’s not just protection for little children: anyone or any pet that has free access to an uncovered pool could be at risk should they fall in.

A secure pool fence with a manual or coded gate lock prevents potential catastrophes.

Work and play equipment

If you elect to store power generators, painting equipment, tools, off-road vehicles, snowmobiles and other items outside, you might feel safer if they have a sturdy enclosure.

When properly built, fencing of most any strong material will do the job to keep unwanted people (including young children on the property) away from the equipment and reduce the risk of theft.

Sections of your property

Property-use disputes are unfortunately common. One neighbor is doing something on a section of property that the other neighbor says he or she owns. Determining the exact property line and then installing a fence along that line should end the problem.

Chain link is a cost-effective fencing material for this purpose, though a boundary fence can be made of plastic, metal or wood as well.

Kids’ play areas

Depending on the size of your front or back yard, you may not want to fence the entire perimeter as a safety move for your kids. Fences can be built just around designated areas where children play.

A safety fence of the appropriate height will keep kids safely contained and deter outsiders from coming into the play area.

Construction sites

Most construction sites need temporary fencing around parts of the project or the entire property.

Although the fence won’t be (in most cases) a permanent part of the property, when installed by a licensed fencing contractor, it will be sturdy enough to deter outsiders and reduce theft occurrences.

fence enclosure for commercial property, new port richey flCommercial facilities

Businesses often install fencing on select sections of their property. Commercial fences can be used to block access to certain parts of the grounds, to safeguard equipment and to mark boundaries between two properties.

Wood, vinyl and chain link fencing with slats is ideal to erect around employee break areas: it gives workers some privacy and blocks some of the wind and noise.

Get your “perfect 10” fence

Whatever your planned use for a new fence, A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, is ready to exceed all your expectations. We’ll build your new fence with top-grade materials so it will serve you well for years and look fantastic while doing it.

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