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Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Fence Looking Good

Wood Fence Installation in beverly hills, Fl Fences that are well-built and professionally installed should last for many years and bring you the beauty and performance you expect. But like any other residential or commercial property accent, fences need some attention periodically to keep them in tip-top shape. Let’s look at some maintenance tips to ensure that your fence is always a “perfect 10” fence.

Wood fencing

Wood comes from trees, and that means it’s attractive to certain insects, particularly termites. Small holes, canals in the wood and wood dust on the fence are signs that termites are present. Termite bait traps often can solve the problem. It’s also a good idea to have your wood fence inspected every few years by a licensed fencing contractor or home inspector.



Rotting is another problem common to wood fences. If pressure-treated wood was used for your fence and if you keep it water-sealed, rotting should be minimal. Additional maintenance includes shoring up loose panels, repairing or replacing damaged sections and painting when you feel it’s necessary.

Vinyl fencing

Vinyl fencing is ultra-durable and should maintain its good looks for decades. The primary maintenance task with vinyl is occasional spraying to remove dust and dirt. Get rid of stains with a household cleaner and a sponge and then rinse well afterwards. Because vinyl tends to contract and expand in cold and hot weather, it’s a good idea to do a visual inspection once a year to see if there are loose fence panels, footings or caps.

Chain link fencing

Chain link fencesChain link Fence Repair in Brooksville Fl can get rusty over time – especially if they’re not properly coated for rust-resistance. If the fence is rusty, remove the rust with a wire brush and/or sandpaper and then apply (or have a professional apply) a good protective sealant.

Depending on how the chain link fence was installed, you may notice that areas of the mesh or certain posts have become loose. Repairing and tightening up a loose chain link fence is a job that’s best done by experienced fencing technicians.

Metal fencing

Powder-coated aluminum fencing is rough, tough and highly-resistant to damage. You won’t get the rusting that can happen with wrought iron and chain link fencing, and the material should maintain its beauty season after season.


Like with any type of fencing material, metal fences need to be inspected periodically to spot loose sections or damaged areas. When aluminum fencing material becomes dusty or dirty, a good spray from the hose should take care of it.

Wrought iron fencing

Iron is a tough material, but it’s susceptible to rust. The problem with rust is that it decays and spreads, so if you notice occasional rust spots, address them quickly. Rust can be removed from wrought iron fences with a fine wire brush. The treated sections then should be cleaned, dried and re-painted. To prevent rust, consider adding a protective sealant or even car wax. These treatments will repel water, which is what causes the rust. About the only other maintenance tasks for iron fences is tightening up loose hardware as needed.

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, can help with damage or wear to aluminum, vinyl, wood, iron, chain link and any other kind of commercial or residential fencing. We offer licensed fence repair and are fully-bonded & insured to provide fencing installation throughout Hernando, Pasco and Citrus counties in west Florida. Solve your fence problem by calling (352) 606-2623.