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Fence Toppers Beautify and Protect a Wood Fence

Fence toppers for wood fences are the objects added to the top of fence posts that either serve a particular purpose or simply add decorative elegance to a fence. Fence post caps, while not decorative, are designed to protect posts from water damage.

Here are a few things you’ll want to know if you’re thinking about having a new fence installed or want to upgrade your current fence with toppers or caps.

Different types of fence toppers

General lighting

lighting decoration fence topper, fernando flYou can add tasteful solar lights on the top of your fence posts all around the fence perimeter, or you can focus on just certain areas of the fence where illumination not only adds beauty but lights the way for safety.

Solar lights can be installed on fence post tops:

  • To throw light onto single-entry and rolling driveway gates
  • For safety in areas in the front or back yard where children play
  • For gentle light in outdoor entertainment
    or recreational areas

Seasonal decorations

You can purchase a wide variety of fence toppers to reflect the seasons and holidays. Examples of seasonal fence decor include:

  • Christmas scenes with Santa, reindeer and sleighs
  • Spring themes with flowers, squirrels and birds
  • Halloween décor like bats, pumpkins and ghosts
  • Specific animal themes with everything from bears and tigers to dogs and cats

Seasonal fence toppers are easy to install and take down, so start a collection of them to keep your fence looking attractive and unique all year long.

Security lighting

Special security lighting can be installed on fence post tops to keep vulnerable areas of your property well-lit. Security lighting can be of the solar variety or part of an electronic security system that includes motion-sensors.

Many homeowners who have security fences and gate systems installed add fence topper lighting as a way to deter intruders and for people in the home to see what’s happening on the property.

Video cameras

The tops of fence posts are ideal places to install CCTV security cameras. Not only do these devices allow you to see situations occurring in distant areas of your property, cameras also act as excellent deterrents to burglars.

fence topper bird feeder, brooksville flBirdhouses/bird feeders

Houses and feeders for birds add a feeling of nature and aliveness to your property. They also attract plenty of birds that you’ll enjoy watching from within your home or when you’re out playing or working in the yard.

Protect your wood fence with secure post caps

While all fence topper ideas mentioned above supply different aesthetic effects, they share one thing in common: they protect the vulnerable wood grain at the tops of fence posts from rain and snow.

Water and wood fences don’t mix, and many a fence has had its appearance marred and its lifespan shortened when the fence posts begin to rot from water damage.

To protect any post tops that you aren’t using a topper for, you can have sturdy post caps installed right over the ends of the posts. Post caps are available in wood and vinyl materials, but the longest-lasting caps are made from plastic with ASA resin.

If you’re thinking of adding a fence to your property, A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, will install the fence of your dreams. We also can help you come up with great ideas for permanent or seasonal fence toppers.

Call (352) 606-2623 and speak with a licensed Florida fencing contractor who will install nothing but a “perfect 10” fence for you.