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What’s the Right Material for Your New Fence?

A lot of thought goes into planning a fence. You think about height, placement, who’s going to install it, how you’re going to care for it and more. Questions during fence-planning stages, often include how to choose what material the fence will be made of.

Not all fencing materials are the same

While just about any type of material can be used to construct a fence, not every type will best serve your specific purposes for having a fence in the first place.

When planning for a new fence, you should work closely with your fencing contractor, who can describe all the differences among fencing materials and the level of maintenance that will be involved for each type.

Here, we’ll cover the basics of fencing materials and their purposes.

new wood fence, pasco county flWhat will your new fence do?

That’s the key question. Is your fence going to deter intruders from accessing your property? Do you want to block the view of neighbors? Is it time to delineate property lines? Are you wishing to provide safety for playing kids and pets?

Answers to these and similar questions will point you toward ideal fencing material choices.

Security fences

Aluminum and wrought iron make exceptional security fences. These materials are extremely durable and resistant to breaking and cutting. All metal fence types can include rolling computerized driveway gates and single-entry gates with alarms and video monitoring.

Privacy fences

The purpose of a privacy fence is, well, privacy. For this application, you want a material such as closed wood or vinyl/PVC. Chain link with slats woven through the gaps can work well for privacy. (These materials also are ideal for noise-reduction and wind-guard fences.)

Safety fences

If you have small children and pets, a good safety fence will prevent them from straying from your property. Most fencing materials will work well as a safety fence. Choose the material that also gives your property the eye appeal you’re after. (Note: open chain link isn’t ideal for dogs that are adept climbers.)

Perimeter fences

A well-built perimeter fence can put an end to debates about whose property starts where. Wood, vinyl, aluminum, iron and chain link are all good choices. If the fence will serve only as a border marker, go with something basic and relatively inexpensive.

Decorative/ornamental fences

A new, well-built fence is one of the best ways to accent your property and enhance its overall beauty. Most metal fencing materials are perfect to give your home a stately, dignified look. Looking for something more “down-home”? Consider a stunning white picket fence or a custom vinyl fence with pickets and post toppers.

fencing contractor consultation, spring hill flWorking with a local fencing contractor

Unless you’re an experienced fence installer, you’ll want to work with a local fencing contractor. Here are things to check:

  • Make sure the contractor is licensed and fully insured
  • View the company’s website for photos of past work
  • Ask for customer references and follow up on them
  • Talk with prospective contractors and confirm whether or not they’re experienced in your specific type of fence installation
  • Ask a lot of questions, and pay attention to the thoroughness of the answers

Are you ready for a new fence?

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, is a licensed Florida fencing contractor with many years of experience in working with and installing all types of materials and fence installation projects. We can build you the “perfect 10” fence of which you’ve always dreamed.

Talk with a fencing expert and get your questions answered by calling (352) 606-2623.