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Keep Your Wood Fence Looking Great

Wood fences are handsome, durable additions to properties and can be used for many different functions. Unlike with some fencing materials, however, wood fences need a fair amount of maintenance to keep them
in good shape.

wood fence upkeep, homossasa flWhat can go wrong with a wood fence?

  • Fencing panels can warp and bend
  • Posts can become rotted
  • The fence can collect mold and mildew
  • The entire fence or large sections can start leaning
  • Wood can become dry and brittle
  • The fence can lose its natural color

This all may sound like a lot of potential trouble, but preventing these issues isn’t really that hard. You just have to take some time and cover all your bases.

Wood fence maintenance

Here are six helpful tips for maintaining your wood fence.

  1. Keep your fence clean

It’s a good idea to power-spray your fence once or twice a year, depending on how much air debris winds up on it. This process not only maintains the good looks of your fence but also keeps potentially harmful substances off it.

  1. Apply sealant coatings

A quality polyurethane sealant applied with a brush will go a long way toward strengthening your fence. The sealant repels water, which can seep into parts of the fence and begin to rot it. Your sealant product label will tell you how often to apply.

  1. Stain your fence

If your fence has yet to be stained, this summer is a good time to do it. Proper staining makes the wood look fantastic, plus it blocks the sun’s UV rays, which can damage the wood.

  1. Trim away shrubs and growth

Moisture is a serious enemy of wood fences. When shrubbery, grass, plants and the like are allowed to grow all over a fence, moisture can be put onto the wood and dry slowly due to little sunlight. Keep the fence clear by trimming back the growth.

  1. Perform regular visual inspections

Make it a point to walk the fence line every month or two looking for anything that’s broken, rotted, lose, bent or otherwise unsightly. It’s easy to install a new wood fence and then just forget about it as years pass.

  1. Do repairs when needed

If your inspection turns up something that should be repaired, get on it right away. If you don’t have the tools or aren’t sure how to do the repair, bring in a licensed fence contractor or installer to help.

wood fence install in crystal river flProfessional wood fence repair

The person or company who built your fence should be able to help with most types of repairs. If they are no longer reachable, look for a licensed fencing contractor in your area who specializes in wood fence installation and repair.

Experienced contractors can fix your wood fence as well as advise you on specific maintenance tasks based on the region in which you live, leading to a longer lasting, better looking fence, and you’ll save money in the long run.

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, is a fencing contractor with years of experience in wood fence maintenance, repair, rebuilding and installation. Call us first at (352) 606-2623 for a “perfect 10” result, every time.