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How to Keep Your Wood Fence Looking Fabulous

Is your wood fence looking drab? Is it discolored, mildewed, or rotted? You deserve to have a fence that looks fabulous, and it’s not hard to accomplish. Here are some professional fencing contractor tips for maintaining your fence and extending its life.

Wood Fence Installations in Hernando, Fl Annual Inspections

Take a walk around your fence line every year or so and do a visual inspection. “Out of sight, out of mind” definitely applies to fences, and keeping yours “in sight and in mind” will let you get a jump on issues before they become more serious.

During your inspection, look for:

  • Broken or rotted sections: It’s easy to replace damaged posts, pickets, and rails within a wood fence. (See below for ways to deal with rotting.)
  • Holes or other signs of insect infestations: Invest in a spray to eliminate termites and other pests, or speak with a fencing contractor about solutions.
  • Loose sections: If parts of the fence have become loose, a hammer and nails will solve the problem.  If the fence is warped or leaning, consult a professional fence builder.
  • Soil that has washed away: Replace with new soil and figure out why the original soil disappeared.
  • Shrubbery or other growth in contact with the fence: Trim back to keep the moisture and insects from the plants away from the wood.
  • Discoloration: If it’s just a natural fading of the paint, repaint the fence. If fence discoloration is due to mold/mildew or rotting, see below.

Mold & mildew on your fence

Wooden surfaces tend to attract mold and mildew when moisture is present. When caught early, these substances can be sprayed and cleaned with an appropriate solvent. (Mold usually won’t respond to just soap and high-pressure water.)

Preventing fence rotting

Water and wood are not compatible for very long. A fence with significant rotting can cost a lot of money to repair or rebuild. The best way to prevent rotting is to have the entirety of your wood fence sealed with a water repellant. Apply at intervals according to directions and any time you notice the first signs of discoloration or decay. Another rot-prevention method for wood fences is to adjust your sprinklers so they don’t water the fence. You’re going to get your share of rain on the fence, but there’s no need to add to it.

Wood Fence Repair, Weeki Wachee FLAlso, as noted above, keep shrubs trimmed away from your fence. The same goes for an overgrowth of grass and weeds. Wood that is completely open to the air (as opposed to covered) is less likely to rot and develop mold and mildew.

Cleaning your wood fence

Annual cleaning with soap and water or a special fence cleaning solution should keep your fence looking great for many years. You can use a long-handled scrub brush or a pressure washer (recommended) for deeper cleaning.

If your fence is experiencing issues beyond what we’ve discussed here, contact a local licensed fencing contractor for advice and assistance.


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