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How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Fence

The strength and usefulness of a fence can diminish over time. Particularly with wood fences, age and the elements will eventually cause it to be unable to do the job it was designed for. Fence repair often can solve minor damage issues; when damage is extensive, the smartest move is to replace the fence.

Here are some signs to look for that indicate the need for fencing repair or a new installation.

Broken Wooden Fence Replacement, Weeki Wachee FLHoles

Holes in a wooden fence likely are signs of termites, mice or other insects and animals. This kind of damage can be localized or spread throughout the entire fence system. An exterminator can determine the exact cause of holes in the fence and suggest ways to remedy the problem before you start repairing or replacing the fence.

Broken boards

When boards of your fence begin breaking or coming loose, it’s often a result of rotting (see below). Too many missing boards make the fence unsafe and in danger of collapsing. Too much rot within the cross beams makes it unwise to simply reattach missing sections, because boards will keep falling off.


Splintered wood fences usually indicate that either inferior wood was used or that fresh wood was used without being weather-treated. If splintering is localized, replacing the bad sections might extend the life of your fence. If splintering is widespread, it might be time for a new fence installation.


Rainy weather eventually rots even the best wood; untreated wood will rot a lot faster. If you notice gray or yellow stained patches on your fence, most likely there is a rotting issue. An exterminator or fencing contractor can tell you if the rotting is due to insects or water. In either case, the extent of the damage will dictate whether you should replace or repair the fence.

Structural leaning

A number of things can cause a fence to lean. Faulty original installation can lead to a leaning fence. So can rotting and decay below ground. When a fence begins to lean, it is no longer safe to live or play around. Have the problem addressed immediately.

Damage following an accident

Falling tree branches and vehicle or equipment accidents are two ways for a fence to be quickly and extensively damaged. These and similar occurrences can wipe out some or most of a fence line.

Wood Fence Repair, Weeki Wachee FLShould you repair or replace your fence?

All the common types of fence damage discussed above can range from minor to extensive. No reputable fencing contractor will suggest that you install a brand new fence if only three or four boards are splintered or discolored. On the other side, no good contractor will encourage you to keep spending money on repair after repair when he or she knows the only smart move is to replace your fence.

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, is a Florida fencing contractor that cares about your safety, the looks of your property and your money. We repair and replace wood, chain link, metal and plastic fencing and will help you decide on the best way to deal with damage to your fence. Call us today at (352) 606-2623.