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How a Fence Can Protect Your Home, Property and Family

It’s amazing what a fence can do. When well-built and properly installed, a new fence around your property can increase security, provide safety and bring you welcomed privacy. If you’ve been thinking that it’s time to look into fencing for your west Florida home or business, here are some fencing advantages you’ll want to know about.

Security fence

A security fence seals off part or all of your property and is an excellent deterrent to intruders. Add a locking security gate, and you’ll go a long way toward keeping your home, your valuables and your family safe.

Security fence fence installation in West FloridaSecurity fence installations often use wood or aluminum fencing materials, but PVC and chain link also serve well in this capacity. As to gating, you can have a full-size rolling driveway gate or a simple single-entry gate. In both cases, the gate can include a computerized locking system that only you can control.

Safety fence

Safety fences can be literal life savers. When installed around children’s play areas, a strong safety fence will be there at all times to keep children (and pets) from wandering off the property and coming to harm. Depending on your specific needs, a safety fence installation also can serve to protect your children and property from people and things on the outside.

These fences often are built with open posts or pickets that let you see beyond the property. They also can be made of solid material to block the view from both sides.

Privacy/noise-reduction fence

If you like to spend time outdoors but would prefer to keep neighbors and passersby out of your business, a privacy fence is your solution. For most installations, privacy fences are made of wood or hard plastic, but a handsome chain link fence with polyethylene slats also will accomplish your objective. Fences built to bring you privacy also can serve as noise-reduction fences.  It’s easy to enjoy more peace, quiet and solitude throughout your entire property or just in select areas with a privacy/noise-reduction fence installed by an experienced fencing contractor.

Wood Fence installation in Weeki Wachee, FLProtection fence

Homeowners with well-cared-for landscaping often have a strong protection fence installed to block damaging winds as well as blowing debris, foot traffic and more. Heavy winds can destroy a garden and wreak havoc on shrubbery and yard decorations. With a windproof protection fence, your property won’t be subject to the full force of seasonal storms. Solid wood fencing and PVC fencing are the most popular choices when building a protection fence. Like with other fence types, you can have a protection fence installed to serve select areas or your entire property.

Pool fence

One of the most important fencing installations for homes is a pool fence. A quality fence of aluminum, wood, chain link or PVC and a secure locking gate can save lives and bring you peace of mind around the clock. Pool fences can be elaborate and ornamental or basic and functional. You can secure just the pool and decking or extend the fence to include play areas.

How to get the “perfect 10” fence

What kind of fence are you thinking about? No matter your answer, A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, can satisfy your needs and amaze you with an exceptional product built by our exceptional fencing installation team. Want to know more about the “perfect 10” fence for your home or business? Speak with a licensed fencing specialist at (352) 606-2623.