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Is a New Ornamental Fence Right for Your Property?

When it’s time to build a fence around your home and property, you’ve got plenty of options. Some people have a specific goal in mind for their new fence – deter intruders, keep kids and pets safe, block noise and views from off the property, etc. If you have no definite function in mind for your fence, an ornamental fence might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Ornamental fences (also called decorative fences) often are built from materials such as metal/aluminum, PVC/plastic and wood. When installed by an experienced fencing contractor, ornamental fences can instantly magnify the overall appearance of your home and the property surrounding it.

If you’ve browsed magazines or websites devoted to homes and living, you’ve probably noticed that many of the nicest homes have an attractive fence bordering the front and back yards. Decorative fences are like the finishing touch, like the icing on the cake, capable of making any property look more complete and inviting.

Aluminum Fence Repair & Installation In Brooksville, FlPopular types of ornamental fencing

Metal or aluminum fence: With these strong materials, your fence will stand the test of time. Aluminum is highly rust-resistant, and any metal fencing can be coated to keep rust from being a problem. Maintenance involves the occasional spraying to remove dust or dirt.

Wood fence: A handsome wooden picket fence is one of the most popular forms of ornamental fencing. It can be custom-built in many unique configurations to reflect your decorative tastes. Wood fences can be treated for extended life and painted any color to match the exterior décor of your home.


PVC or vinyl fence: This beautiful material is long-lasting and keeps its color, shape and beauty for decades. PVC fencing can mimic wood or metal fencing styles, and you can choose from a variety of colors and shades. A vinyl fence is a great choice to repel rust, mold and rot.

Gates for these fences can feature automatic-closure and manual or digital locking systems. Depending on your fence configuration, you can include a rolling driveway gate or a simple single-entry gate that perfectly matches the overall fence style, material and color.

Other functions for ornamental fences

In the purest sense, ornamental fences are built to enhance the aesthetics of a property. But with certain design styles, they also can serve other useful purposes.

  • Security fence to protect your home and property
  • Safety fence to keep kids and pets on your property and other people and pets off it
  • Boundary fence to establish property lines

hernando fl fence installHow to get the perfect ornamental fence for your home

Planning a new ornamental fence is best done with the assistance of a local fencing contractor who can show you a range of different fencing styles and materials and help you choose the right look and material for your property.

A lot goes into installing a new fence, so this isn’t a DIY project. Always select a fencing company with verified experience in building the type of fence you want and one that has great references and is fully licensed and insured. It also pays to work with a company that does all the work itself rather than subcontracting the job.

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, is a professional fencing contractor ready to help you create your “perfect 10” ornamental fence. We do all the work ourselves, and we stand behind it 100%.

Give us a call at (352) 606-2623, and let us show you why we’re your best choice for all your fencing installation and repair needs throughout Florida’s Hernando, Citrus and Pasco counties.