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Pros & Cons of Building Your Own Fence

Quality fencing serves a wide range of purposes throughout Florida’s residential and commercial communities. For many people, the only real drawback to having a fence installed and built is the labor cost.

Vinyl Fence Installation in Hernando, FlThere are definite advantages to doing your own fencing installation. Beyond the money you’ll save on the installation work, you’ll be able to truly customize your fence and stand back and admire the work of your hands.

However, if your hands aren’t experienced in fence installation projects and you’re not familiar with the tools and equipment involved, you may end up standing back and looking at your fence and wishing you had taken another route.

Let’s review a few of the pros and cons of designing and installing your own fence.

PROS: Why you should do your own fence installation

  • You’ll save money – but you won’t save time, so consider this before you jump in.
  • You’ll be able to add any personal touches you desire at any point during the installation.
  • You won’t have to try to communicate your ideas to a contractor – they’re your ideas, and by installing your own fence, you only have to communicate with yourself.
  • You’ll have the immense satisfaction that comes from singlehandedly (or with the help of a few friends) adding an amazing upgrade to your home or business property.
  • You can buy a do-it-yourself fence kit that will walk you through many of the potentially confusing steps of building a fence.

CONS: Why you should not install your own fence

Like with most skilled-labor projects, fence installation isn’t as simple as it may seem. Here are some reasons you’re better off letting a professional put in your new fence.

Chain Link Fence Installation in beverly hills, fl While you won’t pay dollars to a contractor if you do your own fence, you will pay your personal time – and lots of it.

If you’re not familiar with the use of power and hand saws, measuring tools, levels, drills, nail guns, and other equipment, you could add a lot of time to your fence installation project. If you don’t gather all the right tools at the outset, you’ll spend a lot of time running back and forth to get them or buy them. How will you deal with possible landscape issues such as rocky soil? Ask anyone who’s ever done it, and they’ll tell you that rock and boulder removal is one of the most grueling and thankless jobs a person can undertake.



How will you detect underground cables and utility wiring that could cause you to have to reconfigure your plans or that you could accidentally destroy?

If you do a subpar job installing your fence, it’s likely you’ll be looking at repair issues sooner rather than later.

What’s the best choice for your new fence installation?

Of course, there are many more pros and cons to DIY fence installation than we listed here, but you should get a general idea. The bottom line is this: if you’re good with tools, strong, ambitious, and understand math and measurements, you might have a great time installing your own fence.

On the other hand, if you’re really not the “fence-installation” type, you’re probably better off turning the job over to the experts. A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, is a licensed Florida fencing contractor capable of producing exceptional results with any kind of residential or commercial fencing you desire.

From security and privacy fences to pool fences and decorative fences, we work with all materials including wood, metal, PVC, and chain link. We call our company “A Perfect 10,” because a perfect 10 fence is the only kind that’s good enough for us – and for our customers. Talk with a fencing expert today at (352) 606-2623.