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Questions to Ask Fencing Contractors Before Fence Installation Begins

A reputable Florida fencing contractor will work hard to turn your ideas into the perfect fence for your residence or business. This is the contractor’s job. Your job is to ask the right questions before choosing your contractor in order to prevent problems and misunderstandings down the line.

Here are some good questions to start with.

Fence Project Estimates, Hernando, FlAre they Professionals

How long have they in business?

Find out how long the company has been working in your area. Length of time in business doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality, but you want to know how long the company has been around.

Are References available?

Get contact info of several past customers with fence installations similar to yours. Also, ask the contractor to see photos of past work.

Do they have Florida contractor’s license?

Ask to see the license. Don’t go only by a license number displayed on a website or business card. Never hire a non-licensed company for a fence installation.

General liability & workers’ comp insurance?

Confirm that the fencing contractor has up-to-date general liability insurance and workers’ comp. These coverages protect you in the event something is damaged or a worker is injured on the job.

Handle permitting?

Will the contractor handle any necessary permitting for the fence installation, or will that be something you have to do?

Provide a thorough written contract?

Reputable fencing contractors always provide detailed written contracts for fence installation projects. Never enter an agreement without having the details spelled out.

Vinyl Commercial Fence Install In Hernando Beach, FlDo They Have The Services You Need

Choice of fencing materials & styles?

Most experienced fence installation crews offer a variety of fence materials such as wood, PVC/vinyl, metal and chain link. Find out if the contractor you’re considering can give you some material options.

Materials & workmanship warranty?

Get a clear understanding (in writing) of the fencing contractor’s warranty on both the fencing materials and the workmanship. Problems sometimes happen, and you need to know how you’re protected.

How long to finish the project?

Depending on many factors, fencing projects can require variable lengths of time to complete. Before hiring a contractor, get a sound estimate on how long your project will take.

Do They Confirm buried power lines?

Will your contractor speak with local utility and power companies to learn exactly where power lines are buried on your property? This is critically important.

Are subcontractors used?

Find out if the contractor and his or her crew will perform the entire installation or will subcontractors be brought in. Usually, but not always, it’s better to hire a team that does all the work itself.

 Do they set posts in concrete?

This seems like a no-brainer, but never assume. Make sure your fence posts will be properly set in concrete, not just pounded into the ground.

Is a supervisor present?

Ask if the company owner/general contractor will be on site during the work or if another person in a supervisory capacity will be present.

What is the Cleanup policy?

Find out how the contractor handles cleanup and waste removal. You don’t want to be left with a bunch of junk to haul to the dump yourself.

If you cover these and other related questions with prospective Florida fencing contractors before anything is signed and work commences, you have a much better chance of hiring the perfect contractor to build you the perfect fence.

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