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Reasons to Add a Fence to Your Florida Home

For many people, a home just doesn’t seem complete without a fence surrounding parts or all of it. A more “tidy-looking” property is one reason homeowners choose to add a nice, custom-built fence. But there are many other reasons, including the ones below.

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, would like to share some of the reasons you might consider adding a fence to your Florida home.

safety fence installation, port richey fl

Safety fence for kids and pets

Kids and pets playing in the yard need some level of protection. One way to provide it is with a safety fence, which will prevent children from wandering away from the property and outsiders from wandering onto it. It can also be used to protect children from entering a pool area where they could be in danger.

Most fencing materials already mentioned are appropriate for kid safety fences. If you have dogs that are adept climbers, you’ll want a fence style that offers nothing for them to dig their feet into to help them escape.

Security fence

A quality fence made of rugged metal, wood or PVC/vinyl is an excellent deterrent to intruders. Security fences can be built as tall as your local zoning ordinances allow, and they can include automated gates for vehicles or single-entry.

Add alarms and lighting, and you’ll be taking a big, effective step toward protecting your property, your home and your family.

Privacy fence

If you want to gain more privacy from close-by neighbors or street traffic, consider having a sturdy privacy fence installed. Privacy fences can be built from wood, aluminum, vinyl or chain link with slats. All these materials will give you more privacy on your property.

Some homeowners erect privacy fences around the entire perimeter of their property; others have just part of their property blocked. With an experienced fencing contractor, you can design your privacy fence exactly the way you want it

boundary fence installation, hernando fl Boundary fence

You may live in an area where property lines have never been clearly marked and understood. If this is a concern, find out exactly where the lines lie and then run fencing along the lines. This will resolve boundary disputes and keep neighbors off your property.

For a good boundary fence, most types of fencing materials will work fine. Economical chain link fencing is very popular for this application, but you have the option to go with something much fancier.

Wind-block fence

If your property gets a lot of wind and blowing debris, a wind-block fence will keep your yard clean and your plants and gardens safe.

Any fence that’s completely faced will do the job. This could mean a solid wood fence, a solid PVC fence or a chain link fence with protective slats.

Hiring a local fencing contractor

When you’ve decided you want to add a beautiful fence to your home, the next step is finding the right contractor. When considering local companies to install the fence, here are some tips.

  • Check for valid licensing and full insurance
  • Ask for references and follow up on them
  • Talk with friends and associates to find out if they’ve worked with the contractor
  • Look at the contractor’s website and see if they do the type of fence installation you have in mind (and review photos of their finished work)
  • Meet with prospective contractors and listen to how they explain the project. It’s important that you understand what they’re saying and that it makes sense to you

Get the perfect 10 fence

A Perfect 10 Fencing believes that only a “perfect 10” fence is good enough for your Florida home. In business since 2004, we can build any kind of fence you desire from top-grade materials covering a wide range of options. Speak with an experienced fencing contractor today at (352) 606-2623 or reach out through our contact form.