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Signs It’s Time for a Fence Replacement

At one point in the life of every fence, the time comes when it needs to be replaced. The decision to replace a fence instead of continuing to make patchwork repairs usually is based on the ability (or inability) of the fence to do its job, and the way the fence looks.

For some fence types, functionality is critically important – such as with a pool fence or cattle fence. Other fences including ornamental fences and general border fences are valued based mostly on how nice they look.

In either case, here are some signs that tell you a fence replacement likely is the wisest move. Note that we’re talking mainly about wood fences, but some of the problems below may apply to other fencing materials.

Fence is leaning

A leaning fence may indicate trouble with the soil or footings that has been ignored for some time. When fences lean, nails often dislodge, causing boards to fall away. If a fence shows sections of warping, it probably won’t be long before more and more sections begin to bend and need replacing.

Broken Wooden Fence Replacement, Weeki Wachee FL

Rotting wood

If you spot rotting posts and panel boards – especially at the bottom of the fence in or around dirt – the problem can’t be solved with simple repair. An exception is if just a few wooden fence sections are affected. But keep in mind that you may spend more money over time having rotting sections fixed than it would cost for a brand new fence.

Widespread splintering

Wood – especially untreated wood – may start to splinter as season after season of heat and cold and rain take their toll. The amount of splintering throughout the fence system will determine whether it’s best to replace a few sections or install a new fence. If the problem is minor, a few repairs and a professionally applied waterproof sealant might give your fence many

more years of service.

Insect damage

Holes in your fence often signal the presence of termites or other insects. Unfortunately, these pests love wood and see your fence as a seven-course dinner. Minor insect damage can be remedied by killing the insects and repairing damaged boards. Widespread damage means it’s probably a battle you’ve already lost.

Broken Fence Replacement, Spring Hill, FlColor changes

A wood fence that’s turned dull-gray may have seen better days and is on the way to costing you more money in repairs than it’s worth. The same goes for metal and chain link fences that are severely stained through rust and corrosion. Like with other fencing issues, the extent of the damage will determine whether repair or replacement is the best move.




Repair costs

Finally, like with any major part of your home, you have to balance the costs of ongoing fence repairs with the cost of having a new fence installed. An experienced local fencing contractor should be able to evaluate the condition of your fence, taking into account its material, how it was built and its age, and give you an accurate assessment.

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, is a licensed Florida fencing contractor that can help you evaluate the condition of your wood, chain link, metal or plastic fence and decide if fence repair is reasonable or if a new fence is your most economical option. Get expert advice and a “perfect 10” result every time by calling us at (352) 606-2623.