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Vinyl Fence Around Trash Cans & Appliances

Garbage and recycling cans, propane tanks, central air conditioning systems and other objects can detract from the tidiness and beauty of a home’s exterior and its landscape in general. A perfect way to solve this problem is with a vinyl fencing enclosure to hide these objects and actually bring more beauty to your property.

vinyl fence materials, sugarmill flWhy go with vinyl fence?

An enclosure to surround trash receptacles and other objects on your property can be built from wood or chain link with view-blocking slats, but many homeowners go with vinyl because it offers certain very attractive benefits.

Vinyl is strong and durable: Vinyl fencing material will not rust and degrade the way some metal materials will. It will not rot and decompose as is common with wood fences once they pass a certain age.

Vinyl material will last for decades: When other fences need major repairs or replacement after years of service, properly installed vinyl fencing materials keep performing in all kinds of weather across many decades.

Colors stay sharp: Vinyl fences retain their color for years and years without fading or discoloring.

Almost zero-maintenance: About the only maintenance you’ll need to perform for your vinyl enclosure is an occasional spraying off with a strong hose. This will remove dust buildup. Periodic washing with a soapy spray or sponge may be needed if you live in an area where fences collect oily deposits.

Design choices: Your fencing contractor can build any kind of vinyl enclosure you desire. You can have a picket design, unique post styles, fancy post toppers and anything else that will make your enclosure more attractive.

What is a vinyl enclosure?

A vinyl enclosure consists of fencing panels and posts like the ones you see on full-scale vinyl fences just about everywhere you go. A small enclosure to block the view of garbage cans, fuel tanks and the like can be custom-built to perfectly shield the unwanted sights and look fantastic in the process.

The height of the enclosure can be just about any size you choose, providing it meets with local building codes or homeowner’s association rules.

Vinyl fencing materials used to create enclosures are available in several attractive colors including variants of white, black, tan, green and others. You’ll find it easy to perfectly accent the color of your home, other fencing materials or yard decorations.

vinyl fence enclosure, beverly hills flGarbage and appliance enclosure installation

When looking for a local fencing contractor to build your enclosure, here are some things to consider:

  • Use a contractor who is fully insured and licensed to do business in your area
  • Talk with prospective contractors and confirm that they are experienced with building enclosures and working with vinyl fencing materials
  • Find out how the contractor will address issues such as sloping ground, rocky soil and buried power lines
  • Ask about warranties on products and workmanship
  • Get references from prospective contractors – and follow up on those references
  • Review contractors’ websites to see what they have to say about themselves

These and other commonsense strategies will get you connected with the right contractor who can do the exact type of job you expect.

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, is a licensed Florida fencing contractor experienced in all types of vinyl fencing and enclosure projects. Give us a call at (352) 606-2623 and learn why we believe that a “perfect 10” fence is the only kind you deserve.