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Is a Vinyl Privacy Fence the Right Fence for You?

Properly Installed Vinyl FenceLoud neighbors. People always walking on the sidewalk out front. Busy street with loud traffic. A desire to be more secluded. These are all reasons homeowners give for deciding to install a new vinyl privacy fence around their property. If you have one of these or another reason, you’ll be glad to know that vinyl fencing does more than just create a barrier between you and the visible and audible world.

vinyl privacy fence Benefits 

Seclusion: A quality vinyl fence standing six feet or higher brings you immediate seclusion. If you’re the type of person who values your privacy, a new fence made of wear-resistant vinyl material is a great choice.

Long life: Compared to wood or iron fences, vinyl fencing material is four times more flexible and five times stronger. With virtually no maintenance, it will hold up and look great for decades.

Customized design: Modern vinyl fencing products are available in a wide range of colors and styles from rustic to ornamental. It’s easy to bring just the right aesthetic accent to your property with a fence made of powerful vinyl.

Low maintenance: The only thing you need to do to keep your vinyl privacy fence in pristine shape is an occasional washing with hose spray.

Permanent paint: Unlike other types of fences, vinyl fencing will never need to be repainted. With its high sun-protection rating, a vinyl privacy fence won’t suffer sun damage and ugly bleached-out areas.

Eco-friendly: After years of service, when it’s finally time to retire your vinyl fence, its materials are fully recyclable. Vinyl fencing never needs to end up in landfills.

No chemical treatments: Some types of fencing materials require chemical protective treatments. Vinyl fencing requires no treatments of any kind – it’s ready for a long life straight from the factory.Beautiful Vinyl Fence Installation

Vinyl fence posts won’t rot: Damp ground won’t rust, shrink or decompose vinyl fence posts as it will with metal and wood posts.

Some homebuyers want a privacy fence: A handsome vinyl fence is an attractive amenity to many homebuyers these days. When it’s time to put your home on the market, this may work to your advantage. The fence may help you fetch you a higher selling price, and it may help your home to sell faster.

Privacy fence installation

The best way to ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of vinyl privacy fencing we’ve talked about here is to have your new fence installed by licensed, experienced professionals.


Many of the problems homeowners have with their fences happen because of shoddy workmanship and corner-cutting installation practices. Go with a credible installation team to ensure a fence that looks great, performs great and lasts as long as it should. Have you been thinking of adding a vinyl privacy fence to your property? The experts at A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, are standing by to help. With 35+ years of experience, we’ll install your new fence the way it’s supposed to be installed. Call (727) 457-6962 today for more info on a long-lasting vinyl privacy fence.