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Simple Tips on Maintaining a Wrought Iron Fence

A wrought iron fence makes a beautiful, sturdy border for any property, but to keep it looking great and give it a long life, there are a few fence maintenance tasks you’ll want to see to. Here’s a general outline of ways to maintain your wrought iron fence.

The main challenge with iron fences

wrought iron fencing, nobleton flIf maintained well, wrought iron fences will last for many decades. The #1 enemy of these fences is rust, which you must prevent.

It’s common for iron fences to be treated with a rust preventative prior to installation. But this coating won’t last forever. Re-coating is a smart idea, and so is preventing the circumstances that can lead to rusting.

Thorny vines and bushes: Rose bushes and other growth with thorns, when sitting in contact with a wrought iron fence, can scratch the fence’s surface and open the way for rust. Even tiny areas can harbor damaging rust. Keep these plants trimmed away from the fence.

Grass: Both grass and weeds contain moisture, which can eventually create problems with the surface of your iron fence. Large patches of growth along the bottom sections of your fence can trap moisture and humidity for long periods of time. As with thorny plants, keep grass and weeds away from the fence.

Sprinklers: It may be impossible to prevent sprinkler system water from spraying your wrought iron fence, so be sure areas of the fence in the “line of fire” are well-treated with an industry-grade water repellant.

Keeping your wrought iron fence clean

Depending on where your fence is located and the environment around it, you may find it getting pretty dusty and possibly oily as the months/years go by. Iron fences should be sprayed or water-brushed every six months or so to keep them in pristine shape. Do this during fair weather so the fence will air-dry quickly.

Cleaning your fence provides another benefit: it allows you to examine all the surface areas and spot early signs of rust damage or other kinds of damage that need to be addressed. When all you ever do is look at a fence from a distance, there’s a lot you can miss.

Iron fence repair

As noted earlier, wrought iron is among the strongest fencing materials on the planet. But there are a few things stronger than iron – things like falling trees, lightning strikes and vehicles that somehow get pointed toward the fence instead of the road. In these and other unexpected situations, you need to have your fence repaired.

fence repairs, hermosa flTalk with local fencing contractors and look for the following things:

  • Licensed to work on your area
  • Fully insured
  • Good local reputation
  • Experienced in wrought iron fence repair
  • Clear, concise answers to questions

Finally, if your fence was installed improperly, you may have some issues with it leaning or parts of it becoming loose. This is rare, but it happens. This is why you need to secure the services of an experienced fencing professional.

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, provides complete wrought iron fence repair services as well as repair work for all fencing materials including wood, PVC/vinyl and chain link. Get your fence repaired by a team who believes a “perfect 10” fence is the only kind that’s good enough.

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