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Aluminum Fence Repair In Florida – Metal Fence & Ornamental Fence

Metal fences are strong and long-lasting, but periodically they may need to be repaired. When this happens, trust A Perfect 10 Fencing’s metal fence contractors to do the job right. We work in Weeki Wachee, FL, Brooksville, FL, Shady Hills, FL, Land O’ Lakes, FL, and other local west Florida communities.

You had your beautiful metal/aluminum fence installed for a reason. Perhaps you sought extra home security, a safe enclosure for kids and pets or a stunning visual enhancement to your property. Whatever the reason you chose a metal fence, it’s important that it serves the purpose it was intended to.

As a leading aluminum fence company based in Brooksville, FL, we offer expert fence repair services by licensed, bonded and highly trained technicians. Whatever level of damage your fence has sustained, we can restore its performance and visual appeal quickly and correctly.

What Can Damage a Metal/Aluminum Fence?

Aluminum Fence Repair In South Brooksville, FlThough they’re difficult to damage, it’s not unheard of for metal/aluminum fences to need repair work. Reasons for metal fence damage can include:

Gale-force winds:  When the winds in Florida really get going, fences can be damaged just by the force of the wind as well as by flying objects and debris. Broken-off tree branches during a major storm are especially dangerous to fencing.

Landscaping accidents:  Tree-trimming activities also can cause branches to fall on a fence and damage it. In addition, aluminum fences can be damaged if hit with landscaping equipment or vehicles.



Vehicle accident:  A vehicle collision on the street or a driving accident in the driveway close to the fence can cause damage to any metal fence.

Rust and corrosion:  If the metal fencing material was improperly coated or cheaply made, years of rust and corrosion can eventually case unsightly damage that requires fence repair.

Repair of Aluminum Fencing, Gate Systems, Railings & Posts

Aluminum Fence Repair In Weeki Wachee, FlAluminum Fence Gate Repair In Crystal River, FlThe key to repairing aluminum safety or ornamental fences is doing it in a way that doesn’t look like any repairs took place. In other words, your repaired fence should be an exact replica of your original fence.

For this reason, the repair of metal fencing, gates, rails and posts should only be performed by a skilled fencing company with years of solid experience in both repair and installation. A Perfect 10 Fencing has been repairing aluminum fencing throughout west Florida for more than 15 years. We bring you the skill, expertise and superior service you can trust for all your fencing repair needs.

Schedule Metal Fence Repair Services

We work year-round to ensure that your metal fence remains in top shape and performs as you expect it to. We’re licensed and bonded for your protection, and anyone on our team who works on your fence has just one goal in mind: delivering a Perfect 10 result, because that’s the only kind of result we’ll accept.

If your metal/aluminum fence has suffered damage and needs expert fence repair, give us a call at (352) 606-2623. We’ll visit your property, assess the damage and provide you with an estimate that will work with your budget.