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Wood Fence Repair – Licensed Fencing Contractor

As strong and resilient as wood fences are, they won’t last forever without periodic repairs. If you have a wood fence that’s faltering because of age or damage, A Perfect 10 Fencing Company is ready to help. We provide expert wood fence repair services in Weeki Wachee, FL, Brooksville, FL, Hernando, FL, Crystal River, FL, and other west Florida communities residentially & commercially.

Repair of Wood Fences by Experienced Fencing Contractors

Damaged Fence Repair in Spring Hill, FlNo matter the level of damage, our team of licensed fencing technicians are more than equipped to restore your fence to a strong, beautiful state. We’ve been exceeding customer expectations for fence repair, fencing installation and custom gating systems since 2004. If your fence is primarily in place to add beauty to your property, unsightly damage will keep it from serving its purpose. But if your fence is designed as a property security fence, a safety fence for kids and pets, a pool safety fence or a fence to keep your yard and landscaping free of wind damage and debris, there’s a greater need for prompt wood fence repair. A wood fence can perform many jobs, but it can only perform at the level of its structural integrity.

How Do Wood Fences Become Damaged?

Normally, a wood fence is pretty hard to damage. But certain events can damage wood and even much stronger materials.

Rotting and decay, which may be part of the aging process, can eat away at the wood

High winds can topple sections of a wood fence – especially if it was improperly installed

High winds also can break off tree branches, which can cause severe damage to a fence

Powerful hail may destroy parts of older fences

Lots of rain can lead to rust on metal connecting pieces and gate hinges/springs

Vehicle accidents or landscaping equipment mishaps can damage a wood fence

Should You Repair or Replace Your Wood Fencing?


Wood Fencing RepairThis is a question a lot of homeowners ask. When supplying an answer, we take into account the extent and severity of the fencing damage as well as the age of the fence.

We also will find out your particular standards for how you want your fence to look. A very old wood fence simply will not have the eye-catching appeal of a new, well-built fence, but this may not be highly important to you. When we assess damage to a wooden fence, our goal is to suggest a route that will meet your expectations and make you happy.

With many damaged fences, the logical approach is repair work to restore their original beauty. Other fences may have outlived their service and should be replaced to prevent regular, expensive repairs down the line.

Wood Fence Repair by a Licensed Fencing Company

When you hire A Perfect 10 Fencing to perform repairs to your wood fence, you’re getting 15+ years’ experience in the repair of all types of damage to all types of fencing throughout west Florida. As a professional fencing installation contractor, we know fences inside and out and have the tools, equipment and know-how to amaze you with the finished product. We named our company “A Perfect 10,” because nothing less than a perfect 10 result is good enough for us – or for you. Speak with a fence repair expert today at (352) 606-2623.