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Enclosing Areas & Objects with a Fence

Not all fences need to encircle an entire residential or commercial property. With the versatility and materials choices, modern fencing is an ideal enclosure for many different areas of a property and objects within those areas. Here are some popular uses for partial fencing. Animal enclosures If you raise exotic birds, chickens, certain reptiles and... Read more

Privacy Fencing & Perimeter Fencing

Modern fencing installed by skilled contractors can serve a very wide range of purposes. Two fencing styles that are growing in popularity are privacy fences and perimeter fences. Both can be highly beneficial and at the same time make your entire property look more classy and elegant. Here’s an overview of these two fencing styles.... Read more

The Allure of the All-American Picket Fence

You can put a wide variety of fences on your property, and, when properly built, they’ll all do the exact job you were expecting them to do. However, among all the fencing styles available over the years, the wooden picket fence still stands out as a traditional part of Americana. Why picket fences are so... Read more

A Great Home Remedy for a Rusted Fence

Iron and steel fences are susceptible to rust as they age. This is particularly true if the materials weren’t properly protected prior to installation or if they’ve never been touched since. Here’s a good home remedy for a rusted fence that will improve your fence’s appearance and add years to its life. What is rust?... Read more

Benefits Of Different Fencing Materials

We’re going to look at some of the advantages different types of fencing materials provide, but it’s important to understand that a quality fence is more than its materials. The actual installation of the fence, i.e., how it’s built and the fencing crew plays a role in satisfaction and fence functionality. But assuming you have... Read more

What’s the Right Material for Your New Fence?

A lot of thought goes into planning a fence. You think about height, placement, who’s going to install it, how you’re going to care for it and more. Questions during fence-planning stages, often include how to choose what material the fence will be made of. Not all fencing materials are the same While just about... Read more

Does a Fence Increase the Value of Your Home?

When selling a home, owners want to get as much as they can out of it. Often the question comes up about whether or not a new (or existing) fence will increase the home’s market value. It’s possible that adding a new vinyl, wood, aluminum or chain link fence will allow you to up your... Read more

Pool Fences: What You Need to Know

Do you have a nice swimming pool with no fence around it? Maybe you’ve been thinking of having a quality pool fence installed but don’t know exactly where to start. Here are some helpful things to consider when planning for fencing around your pool area. First – is a fence required? Some jurisdictions in the... Read more

Benefits & Advantages of Aluminum Fences

If you’ve been thinking about adding a new fence to your property, an aluminum fence might be just what you’re looking for. Affordable and beautiful, a new aluminum fence can serve a variety of purposes and they look great while doing it. Here are some reasons more and more homeowners are going with aluminum fencing.... Read more

Here’s why You should Consider A Wood Fence

You have several options for materials when installing a new fence on your property. Every fence type, when built by a reputable, experienced fencing contractor, can perfectly serve the purpose for which it was intended. For many homeowners, wood fences serve purposes and bring a lot of special perks. Here are some reasons to consider... Read more