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What’s the Right Material for Your New Fence?

A lot of thought goes into planning a fence. You think about height, placement, who’s going to install it, how you’re going to care for it and more. Questions during fence-planning stages, often include how to choose what material the fence will be made of. Not all fencing materials are the same While just about... Read more

Does a Fence Increase the Value of Your Home?

When selling a home, owners want to get as much as they can out of it. Often the question comes up about whether or not a new (or existing) fence will increase the home’s market value. It’s possible that adding a new vinyl, wood, aluminum or chain link fence will allow you to up your... Read more

Pool Fences: What You Need to Know

Do you have a nice swimming pool with no fence around it? Maybe you’ve been thinking of having a quality pool fence installed but don’t know exactly where to start. Here are some helpful things to consider when planning for fencing around your pool area. First – is a fence required? Some jurisdictions in the... Read more

Benefits & Advantages of Aluminum Fences

If you’ve been thinking about adding a new fence to your property, an aluminum fence might be just what you’re looking for. Affordable and beautiful, a new aluminum fence can serve a variety of purposes and they look great while doing it. Here are some reasons more and more homeowners are going with aluminum fencing.... Read more

Here’s why You should Consider A Wood Fence

You have several options for materials when installing a new fence on your property. Every fence type, when built by a reputable, experienced fencing contractor, can perfectly serve the purpose for which it was intended. For many homeowners, wood fences serve purposes and bring a lot of special perks. Here are some reasons to consider... Read more

Metal or Wood: Which Is the Best Fence for You?

There’s a lot of debate about fencing materials. Some people say go with wood, others swear by metal fencing. The fact is, both materials can produce excellent fences that will serve you well for many years. Let’s look at some differences between these two types of fences. What will the fence be used for? Wood... Read more

Fencing Permits and Regulations To Know

Homeowners often are surprised to learn just how regulated the building of a fence on residential property can be. In most jurisdictions throughout the U.S., there are written regulations on the proper procedure a homeowner must follow when installing a fence as well as mandates on where on the property a fence can and can’t be... Read more

Keep Your Wood Fence Looking Great

Wood fences are handsome, durable additions to properties and can be used for many different functions. Unlike with some fencing materials, however, wood fences need a fair amount of maintenance to keep them in good shape. What can go wrong with a wood fence? Fencing panels can warp and bend Posts can become rotted The... Read more

What Color Fence Is Best for Your Property?

Fences, particularly wood fences, can be painted or stained in any color you want. This is a fairly involved job, but don’t let it sidetrack you from the key decision to make before any work starts: What color paint or stain will you use for your fence? Here are a few tips for deciding on... Read more

Can You Grow Fruits & Vegetables on Your Fence?

If you’re into the idea of growing some of your own food but feel you don’t really have enough space for a proper garden, consider a vertical garden, which most everybody has space for. Fencing with open slats is ideal for growing fruits and vegetables as it gives the plants something to wrap around and... Read more