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Ready for a Backyard Fence This Summer?

A nice, secure fence can make many summer backyard activities safer and more enjoyable. A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, is known for its exceptional backyard fences. We’d like to share some of the benefits you might enjoy with a new fence.

What will your fence do?

The first step in planning a new backyard fence is knowing what purpose you want the fence to serve.

Here are seven of the possible purposes.

1. Security fence

A backyard security fence will deter intruders and wayward animals from getting onto your property. This is particularly important if you have children who play in the backyard.

2. Safety fence

A safety fence works kind of like a security fence, only in reverse. This type of fence is intended to keep young children and pets on your property and prevent them from wandering off.Fence Installation Clear Water FL

3. Boundary fence

A boundary fence is the best way to end property disputes once and for all. It will also serve to keep your children off neighbors’ properties and their kids off yours.

4. Privacy fence

People who enjoy entertaining and just hanging out in their backyards during the summer, love having a solid privacy fence to block the view of nearby neighbors and passing people and vehicles. Make your backyard your own private sanctuary with a sturdy privacy fence.

5. Noise-reduction fence

Is noise a problem behind your home? A good noise-reduction fence can help lessen the impact by shielding and reflecting vehicle, human, industrial and other types of noise.

6. Wind-block fence

If you have an immaculate garden in your backyard, a wind-block fence is the perfect way to keep wind and flying debris from destroying it.

7. Decorative fence

Decorative fences can serve several purposes, but their main purpose is to simply look fantastic. A beautiful decorative fence will instantly enhance the overall décor and appeal of your backyard area.

Popular fencing materials

Once you’ve decided on the purpose of your new backyard fence, it’s time to decide on the material you want your fence to be made of.

The four most popular materials for fencing are:

  • Wood: Great for most fence types. May not always be ideal as a decorative fence.
  • Aluminum: The best material for security and safety fences. Also great as a decorative fence.
  • PVC/vinyl: Vinyl is a suitable fencing material for all types of backyard fence projects.
  • Chain link: While not as attractive as other fencing materials, chain link fences make great safety and boundary fences. With slats, they can block wind and some noise.

Vinyl Fence Weeki Wachie FL

The key to getting the fence of your dreams

No matter what kind of backyard fence you’re looking to have built, the key is to work with a professional fencing contractor, who can help you in many ways.

Licensed fence builders understand all the fencing materials, soil types and land grades. They also know the building and zoning codes in your area and will make sure your new fence complies with local laws.

Your fencing contractor also will be your go-between for getting all the permits in order to build your fence.


If you live in the Brooksville, FL, area, A Perfect 10 Fencing is ready to help you achieve the “perfect 10” backyard fence this summer for year-round enjoyment. Give us a call at (352) 606-2623, or reach out through our simple contact form.