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Wood Fence Installed In Residential Neighborhoods

Whether you’re seeking increased security, safety for kids and pets or an instant upgrade in the aesthetics of your property, a new wood fence may be your perfect solution. A Perfect 10 Fencing Company designs and installs premier wood fences in Brooksville, FL, Spring Hill, FL, Nobleton, FL, Beverly Hills FL, and throughout Florida’s Hernando, Pasco and Citrus counties.

How a New Wood Fence Can Benefit You and Your Family

Residential Wood Fence installation In Spring Hill, FlFenced residential properties have a unique look and eye appeal that you just can’t get with an open yard. But a stunning visual is just one of the reasons more and more Florida homeowners are going with a custom wood fencing installation. What kind of benefits would a beautiful wooden fence bring to your home?

Security fence:  Depending on where you live, home and property security may be a concern. If so, you can start with a strong wood security fence that shields your property from intruders. Add a computerized locking gate system and even barbed wire along the top of the fence for increased security.



Safety fence for kids and pets:  A wood picket fence is an example of a perfect fence to encircle the area(s) on your property where children and pets play. Many other wood fence design styles also can serve this purpose. With a sturdy fence in place, kids and pets stay where you want them.

Privacy fence:  If you don’t like living a “visible” life in front of neighbors and people on the street, consider a new wood privacy fence. These fences can be installed at heights of eight feet and taller, completely blocking the view of anyone not on your property.

Noise-reduction fence:  A solid wood fence installation can block views, and it also can block noise. If you have neighbors who are always making a racket, or if the noise from the street outside your home is a little too much, a wood noise-reduction fence can be a great solution.

Landscape protection:  There are people who believe that all wind originates in Florida. Whether that’s true or not, the wind definitely can be aggressive here in the Sunshine State. Blowing wind and debris can wreck flowers, shrubbery, gardens and other items in your landscape. Install a wood protection fence to keep this from happening.

West Florida Wood Fence Installation

Residential Wood Fence Installation in Crystal River, Fl A Perfect 10 Fencing brings more than 15 years’ experience to wood fence installations throughout west Florida. Our job is to understand your needs for a new fence, assess the terrain where the fence will be set, tell you about different options, styles and colors for your new fence and work out a cost that works for you. The end result will be a “Perfect 10” fence that you can be proud of and that will serve you well for many years.

Wood Fence Repair Hernando County, FL

If your existing wood fence needs repairs, our experienced fencing contractors can look over the damage and get to work performing only the repair work you need to get your fence back in shape.

We’re also a good resource when it comes to deciding if an older, damaged wooden fence should be repaired or replaced. Our guidance and recommendations will always be based on your best interests and budget.
Call (352) 606-2623 today and speak with a licensed wood fence contractor to get more information about all the benefits that come with a new wood fence installation. We named our company “A Perfect 10 Fencing” because that’s the only kind of fences we will ever install, guaranteed.