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Wood Privacy Fence Installation – Florida Fencing Contractors

Is it time to add a fence to your property? Have you looked into the different types of fencing materials and thought that wood might perfectly suit your needs? A Perfect 10 Fencing Company is here to help with all sizes of residential wood fencing installation projects. We service South Brooksville, FL, North Brooksville, FL, Shady Hills, FL, Land O’ Lakes, FL, and neighboring communities in Hernando, Pasco and Citrus counties.
Quality wood fences not only look fabulous, they also can serve many purposes that can improve your home life.

Reasons to Install a Wood Fence

Wood Fence Installation in Hernando, FlSecure your home and property with a wood privacy fence: The easiest way to deter intruders who may do harm to your property or family is with a strong wood perimeter fence. From the street, a wood fence says, “We care about our home and the people in it. Do not pass.”  Security is a key reason so many west Florida homeowners order wood fencing installation.

Protect playing kids and pets: The absolute safest place for kids and pets to play is inside the house. The second-safest place is in a yard secured by an impassable wood fence. A well-made wood protection fence will keep youngsters and their little friends inside the property where they belong.


The privacy you deserve: A home with an open yard invites everyone to see your business. Put an end to that with a new wood privacy fence. At heights up to eight feet and even taller, a privacy fence is the perfect way to block the view of neighboring properties and the streets around your home.

Guard your landscape: High winds and blowing debris can wreck a yard’s landscape. Flowers, shrubbery, gardens, hedges, trellises and more need protection, and a sturdy new wood fence installation is the solution.

Safeguard your pool: If you have small children – and even if you don’t – a secure wood pool fence can save lives. When installed with a locking gate system, your new fence will disallow access to your swimming pool at whatever times you choose.

Beautify your whole property: A gorgeous wooden fence is one of the easiest ways to instantly increase the eye-appeal of your home and property. Homes without fences look unfinished, but homes with fences look cared-for and loved. And remember – many homebuyers today are specifically looking for homes with a fence. This can work to your advantage should you decide to sell.

Wood Fence Installation Contractor West Florida

Wood Fence Installation in South Brooksville, FlA Perfect 10 Fencing works throughout cities and towns in west Florida, bringing the very best in custom wood fencing and gating solutions. Since 2004, we’ve been installing quality fences in a way that always exceeds customer expectations for performance, durability and beauty.

You can speak with a licensed and bonded fencing contractor in your home and discuss exactly why you want a new fence and what you want your fence to accomplish. We’ll then get to work designing your perfect fence, keeping your budget in mind every step of the way.

The name “A Perfect 10 Fencing” isn’t just a company name; it’s our motto, because a perfect 10 fence and a perfect 10 result is our standard for every job. Call us today at (352) 606-2623.