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Wood Privacy Fence Install – Commercial Fencing

There are plenty of benefits to having a well-built wood fence on your commercial property. A Perfect 10 Fencing can bring you all those benefits with a handsome wood fence installation at your South Brooksville, FL, North Brooksville, FL, Hernando Beach, FL, or Homosassa, FL, facility. We work throughout Florida’s Hernando, Pasco and Citrus counties.

Commercial Wood Security Fences West Florida

Wood Fence Contractors in South Brooksville, FlWhether you operate an office complex, a manufacturing concern, an industrial plant or any other type of commercial facility, security may be a top priority. When properly installed by experienced fencing contractors, a wood security fence will stand as a solid barrier between your investment and the outside world. Built at heights up to 10 feet and even higher, a security fence often includes a rolling gate system with computerized code entry and an unpassable swirl of barbed wire along the top. If your current fence can’t provide the required level of security, or if you have no fence and believe now is the time to get one, we’re ready to deliver the solutions you need.Other Uses for Wood Fencing on a Business Property

Aside from security performance, there are other uses for customized wood fencing that many business and facility owners take advantage of. These include:

Wood privacy fencing:  Keep what you do on your property completely private with a wood fence barrier. Wood offers the ultimate in privacy along with amazing good looks.

Wood safety fence:  For commercial facilities that deal with potentially dangerous substances or equipment, a wood safety fence can safeguard employees, clients, contractors and visitors from dangerous areas of your property.

Low-noise fencing:  If other businesses around you or just the neighborhood in general is loud, bring on the quiet with a wood noise-blocking fence.

Fencing to block debris:  Depending on where your facility is located, you may be susceptible to all kinds of trash, junk, dust and other debris blowing onto your property. Solve this problem instantly with a secure wood perimeter fence.

Partition fencing:  Wood fencing materials are ideal when serving as partitions between sections within your facility’s grounds. This is especially useful for military, government and other high-security properties.

Where Do You Find Wood Fencing?

Anywhere a strong, long-lasting barrier is needed, a quality wood fence installation can provide the solution.

Military installations

Farms and ranches

Office complexes

Utility plants

Sports fields/arenas

Manufacturing facilities

Public schools and universities



Parking structures

Construction sites

Commercial Fence Installation – Wood Fencing Contractor

Commercial Wood Fence installation in Crystal River, FlA Perfect 10 Fencing has been satisfying owners of business and commercial facilities since 2004 with quality wood fencing and gate systems. Schedule a free consultation with one of our fencing contractors and learn all the ways a new wood fence can secure and beautify your property. We’ll look at your specific purposes for the fence, the terrain into which the fence will be set and your budget. You’ll be glad to know that wood fencing is among the more economical fencing choices available.

When we perform your wood fence installation, you can expect the very best. In fact, that’s why we named our company “A Perfect 10 Fencing” – we believe that only a perfect 10 result is good enough and will not settle for anything less. Learn more about how we can meet all your fencing requirements by calling (352) 606-2623.