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Summer Fence Maintenance Tips

The long hot, and humid weather in Zephyrhills, Hernando Beach, and along Florida’s central Gulf coast can cause heavy rains, storms, and hurricane-force winds that can cause a lot of damage around your home. So, homeowners and business owners need to be extra vigilant during the summer to protect the fencing around their property. A strong wind gust can knock over a dangling tree branch, damaging your fence. A damaged post, slat, or hinge that goes unnoticed can give unauthorized visitors access to your property or make it easy for your pet to get out of the yard. It can also lead to more extensive fence repairs or replacements. So, here are a few tips to help maintain your fence during the summer.

Inspect Fence and Gates for DamageFencing installation

Whether you have a vinyl, iron, metal, or wood fence, inspecting the fencing and gates for any signs of wear or damage in the summer will help minimize repairs, prolonging its useful lifespan. For example, frequent heavy rains can saturate the soil during Florida’s hurricane season, which lasts throughout the summer months. It can cause one or more fence posts to sink into the ground and weaken the fencing. When caught early, our fencing experts can make the necessary repairs, avoiding the expense of a fence replacement.

Trim Trees & Shrubs

Since tree limbs can extend several feet underground, it is recommended to maintain a three-foot minimum clearance to avoid damage to your fence. Summer is also an excellent time to trim those overhanging tree branches and shrubs. A heavy tree branch can fall on the fence during a thunderstorm and cause significant damage to the fencing or gate.

Look For Signs of Rust or Wood Rot

If you have a wood, iron, or metal fence, it is essential to look for signs of rust or wood rot. When rust eats through iron and metal, it accelerates its deterioration. Then, the weakened fence posts or gates can ultimately collapse. Wood rot is a sign of water damage. It can also attract termites and other pests. When repairs are done quickly, we can replace the affected slats or sections before the damage spreads, requiring a fence replacement.

Check Fence After a Storm

During the summer, gale-force winds, and torrential downpours common on Florida’s central Gulf coast can down trees and powerlines and even damage fencing. That’s why it is vital to check the fencing immediately after a storm, especially during hurricane season, typically from June 1st thru November 30th.

Signs Your Fence May Need Repair

  • Your fence may need repair from time to time. So, while walking around the perimeter of your property, look for the following signs your fence may need repair:
  • Leaning or unstable fence posts
  • The fence post is sinking or sticking out of the ground
  • Rusting, warping, insect, or water damage
  • Fading, stains, or discoloration
  • Broken or missing gate latches or hinges
  • Damaged or missing chain links, slats, or boards

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