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How to Choose the Best Fence for Your Yard

Putting in a new fence is a serious undertaking. Your preparation ahead of time will have a lot to do with how your fence performs and meets your expectations. A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, would like to share a few tips on how to decide on the best fence for your property.

aluminum fencing installation, lutz flFour primary fencing considerations:

  1. Local zoning regulations
  2. The purpose of the fence
  3. Fencing material
  4. The maintenance time involved

Let’s look at each of these considerations.

Local zoning regulations

When you have a general idea of the type of fence you want and where it will be installed on your property, check with your local government’s zoning or building department to learn about any fencing regulations you must follow to remain in good standing.

Many cities, towns and counties place some restrictions on what types of fences can be built in their jurisdictions and how the fences can look. Start with this step before moving forward with your fence plans.

The purpose of the fence

Once you know what kind of fence can be built on your property, consider what you want your new fence to accomplish. Common purposes include:

  • Security fence
  • Property border fence
  • Safety fence for children
  • Privacy fence
  • Wind-block fence
  • Noise-reduction fence
  • Decorative fence

When you work with a fencing contractor, make sure the company is experienced in building the specific type of fence you want.

Fencing material

Some fencing materials can work well for many different types of fences. Other materials are less versatile. After deciding on the purpose of your fence, consider what materials would be ideal.

The most popular fencing materials are:

  • Wood: Great for all types of fences, except maybe decorative fences.
  • Vinyl or PVC: Excellent material for all types of fences.
  • Aluminum or iron: The #1 choice for security fences, and a perfect choice for safety and decorative fences.
  • Chain link: Ideal for safety and property border fences.

Your fencing contractor can go over more specifics of these materials and help you decide on the best one for your budget and unique fencing needs.

light maintenance vinyl fencing, floral city flThe maintenance time involved

A fence shouldn’t be erected and then forgotten about. All types of fences require varying levels of maintenance to keep them looking good and in excellent shape. The maintenance time you’ll need to spend should be part of your considerations when planning for a new fence.

Most fences need occasional cleaning. This usually means a good spray-off. In certain cases, sections of a fence may need hand-cleaning to remove oily or heavy dirt deposits.

Wood fences may require painting several times during their lifetimes. Iron fences need to be watched for rust. Chain link fences may need re-fastening in places, particularly if they’re climbed on regularly by children.

When you consult with your fencing contractor, you can get more details about the maintenance needs for different fencing materials.

Ready for the “Perfect 10” Fence?

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