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How to Choose the Best Fence for Your Dog

If you could reason with your dog and say something like, “Now, I want you to stay on our property – don’t go running off to play or explore,” you wouldn’t need a dog fence. But since you can’t reason this way with a dog, a sturdy fence is your next best option.

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, builds top-quality dog fences for pet owners who want to protect their animals and look good while doing it. Here are some tips on dog fences you might find helpful.Fence Types and installation Hernando Pasco FL

The purpose of a dog fence

The only real reason to install a fence for your dog is to keep him or her on your property. The configuration of the fence and the materials used to build it will be determined, for the most part, by the type of dog you have.

Different types of dogs need different types of fences

Let’s look at six types of dogs and their fencing needs.

1. Dogs that jump

Jumping dogs need a fence built high enough to keep them from sailing over it. Before having the fence installed, make sure to find out if there are fence-height restrictions in your area.

If jumping (and not climbing – see below) is your only concern, fencing materials such as wood, vinyl, metal and chain link can make ideal fences.

2. Dogs that climb

Some dogs love to scale things and are adept at climbing. A chain link fence would not work in this case because of its built-in traction.

Smooth aluminum fencing and certain styles of wood and PVC fencing are ideal for preventing climbing. A taller fence, in and of itself, usually won’t solve the problem if the dog can get a foot-hold or paw-hold.

3. Dogs that dig

Many dog breeds are natural diggers and can tunnel under most any kind of fence or wall. Fencing for diggers is more about additions than the fence itself.

A good strategy is to secure a line of chicken wire or other mesh fencing along the ground on the dog’s side of the fence. You could also bury some mesh material vertically, extending down one or two feet below the fence bottom.

4. Dogs that love every living beingDog Fences in Pasco County FL

If you have a dog that goes nuts and wants to play every time a person or animal comes within view, the solution is to control what your dog sees.

This can be done with a variety of fencing styles that contain no pickets or gaps. Good materials include wood, vinyl and chain link with slats. Build the fence high enough so your dog can’t see over it.

5. Dogs that are aggressive

You definitely want to contain an aggressive dog, so make sure your fence is properly built and strong. Additionally, you might want to seal off the dog’s view of the outside world, as described above.

Aggressive dogs tend to bark when agitated. Blocking the view will help to control this.

6. Dogs that bark a lot

If your dog is highly vocal and you don’t want his outdoor conversations to bother neighbors, your best bet is a noise-block fence. Wood and PVC materials without gaps make good fences for this purpose.

The fence will buffer some but not all of the noise. Consider obedience training for your pet, which may make it possible to silence your dog with a command.

Get the “perfect 10” dog fence

A Perfect 10 Fencing can build you any kind of dog fence you require. We’re licensed Florida fencing contractors, ready to help year-round. Reach an expert today at (352) 606-2623, or get in touch with our handy contact form.