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Fences and Water Damage

Any type of fence you build on your property is an investment. Whether it’s a wood or chain link fence or one made from aluminum or PVC/vinyl, you want to keep your fence looking great and holding up well for as long as possible. A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, installs beautiful fences made from all types of fencing materials. Here, we’d like to share some helpful information on fences and water damage.

Fence Installation Homosassa, FLWhat kinds of fences can be damaged by water?

As pleasant as rainwater is, it can be damaging to just about anything left outside and unprotected. This includes most types of fences.

  • Wood fences, naturally, are most prone to water damage. Especially vulnerable are wood fences that were built with bare, untreated wood.
  • Pressure-treated wood that has been coated with a protective sealant will have a much longer life than bare wood. But even treated wood needs to be watched for signs of water damage (see below).
  • Iron, chain link and other metals used for fences normally are coated before installation, but they can eventually begin to rust. Rust, over time, can eat away at large sections of any fence.

A well-built PVC (vinyl) fence is your best bet against water damage, as it is highly resistant to rotting and will not rust.

Spotting early signs of water damage to a fence

Metal fences, as noted, can rust. Any chips or breaks in their paint or coating will start a rusting process. It’s a good idea to walk the perimeter of your fence once or twice a year, looking for even the smallest rust spots.

Minor rusting can be sanded off, followed by a re-coating of a proper metal sealant. If your metal fence is significantly rusted, certain sections of it will have to be replaced. Wood fences can suffer rot from water damage, often at the base of the posts and other materials of the fence. Wet ground and damp foliage that sits in constant contact with the fence can start the rot. Inspect your wood fence regularly, checking for loose boards or rails. This indicates water or termite damage (or maybe just loose screws). After it rains, check to see if there is standing water against any part of the fence. If so, find a way to redirect that water for future rain storms.

Fencing Services Port Richey, FLWhen you’re installing a new fence

The information above will help you detect signs of water damage to an existing fence. If you’re having a new fence installed, you can avoid a lot of water damage and other problems by having the work done by experienced, licensed fencing contractors. A fence looks pretty simple, but building a fence is not simple, and it’s not a job for “handymen” or novices. Only a professional fence installer can help you select the best materials and install the fence in a way that allows it to hold up well and look fantastic for many years to come. Your contractor also can help with repairs if you spot water damage or damage from a weather event or natural disaster.

Get the “perfect 10” fence of your dreams

If you’re considering a new fence for your home or business, A Perfect 10 Fencing is here to help with all the details, from planning to finished installation. We build only “perfect 10” fences, because they’re the only kind that are good enough for us – and for you.

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