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Add Beauty to Your Garden with Custom Fencing

If you spend a lot of time growing and building your garden area, you might find that some imaginative fencing will bring out even more of the beauty and appeal you’ve been working on.

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, installs all types of garden fences for a truly customized look that you can enjoy year-round.

Here are a few ideas to get you started. Add your own ideas, and come up with something that’s really spectacular.

Planter wall garden fence

A planter wall, usually built from wood or PVC/vinyl, makes a great holder for all sorts of potted plants and flowers. Lighter or darker colored wood provides a handsome backdrop for all the colors you’ll affix to the fence.

Chain link mesh fence, Port Richey FLChain link mesh fence

If you have rose bushes and want to give them a way to travel and explore, consider adding a chain link garden fence for them to grow within. Roses and many other plants are right at home when spreading through the mesh material of a sturdy fence.

Garden privacy fence

Do you use your garden area for entertaining and relaxing after a hard day?

Depending on the proximity of neighbors and passersby, you might think about having a privacy fence installed. These fences can be in just certain areas of the garden or they can circle the entire landscape.

Go with lattice work for a unique appeal

A lattice fence, or a solid short fence with a lattice topper, can give your garden a unique, classy look. Hanging plants can be installed, or you can plant some shrubbery or flowers at the base and then let them weave and grow through the lattice.

Customize your containers

We talked about potted plants and flowers attached to your garden fence, but let’s think a little more about this. What kinds of containers can you use? What container colors would make your garden area come alive? Anything that could hold a plant can serve as a container, and you can add your own designer paint touches.

A fence can be an integral part of your garden

When we think of fences, we usually think of borders that surround areas. But a garden fence can be built and customized to be a vital part of the floral landscape.

When coming up with ideas to brighten your garden and make it really stand out, think of all the ways that fencing could be used to blend with the overall look and feel of the space.

tips for wood fences, Beverly Hills FL3 tips for wood fences

If you decide to go with a wood garden fence, here are three tips for keeping it in great shape:

  1. Make sure the wood that your fencing contractor uses is pressure-treated and sealed against water intrusion
  2. Inspect the fence periodically for signs of rot and general moisture damage
  3. Place the fence in an area where it won’t be in contact with standing water or very damp soil

Get the garden fence you’ve always wanted

If you’re ready to add a beautiful garden fence to your property, A Perfect 10 Fencing is ready to help with planning, design, material choices and expert installation of residential fencing. We install only “perfect 10” fences, because you deserve the very best.

Speak with an experienced fence builder today at (352) 606-2623 or reach out through our handy contact form.