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7 Great Reasons to Install a Fence

Fences can provide a home with many benefits, depending on how they’re built and how they’re used. A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, would like to share seven reasons you might consider installing a fence at your property.

vinyl fencing installed for privacy in Spring Hill FL 1. Fencing for privacy

Neighbors and passersby won’t be a visual part of your yard if you install a nice privacy fence. Typically built in backyards, a privacy fence can be constructed from vinyl/PVC, wood, metal, or chain link with slats to perfectly block the view from off your property.

Build the fence as tall as you feel is necessary (and as tall as your local zoning regulations allow), and you’ll be able to enjoy backyard recreation without anybody seeing what you’re doing.

2. Safety fence for kids and pets

Keeping children and ambitious pets (i.e., dogs) in your yard can be challenging if you don’t have a fenced-in area. A safety fence is the perfect solution.

This fence can be installed around your entire property or just around designated play areas. Make it a height that’s appropriate for the age and size of your children – and for the athletic abilities of your pet dog(s).

3. Fence to block debris and wind

If you live in an area with high winds that blow debris all over the place, a protection fence solves most or all of this problem for your yard and garden.

Any fence built in a form that’s solid with no gaps is a great wind barrier and debris blocker. Wood and vinyl are popular choices.

4. Security-enhanced fences

Tall, sturdy fencing is an excellent deterrent to intruders coming onto your property. A security fence can be made of aluminum, wood or PVC and can be as tall as your local zoning department or HOA allows.

Security fences can be installed with self-locking or computerized gating systems for single entry and vehicles.

professional fence contractor in Hernando FL5. Marking property lines

A simple, basic fence along a property line is a good way to put a stop to boundary disputes. Fencing can be run along specific sections of your land or be set up around the entire property. An attractive chain link fence is an economical option for a boundary fence, but these fences can be built from any material you desire.

6. Safety fence for the pool

In some cities, the law requires pools to have fences. Law or no law, it’s a smart idea. Pool fences can be made of chain link or other materials with open-post designs such as wood, metal or PVC so swimmers can see beyond the pool area. You also can make your pool fence a privacy fence, as described above.

7. Lovely ornamental fencing

Finally, a fence can serve no purpose other than beautifying a property. Elegant metal fencing and unique wood-fence designs including pickets are ideal materials for ornamental fencing.
Your fencing contractor can show you a variety of materials and styles of fencing that will instantly enhance the visual appeal of your home and property.
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