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Benefits Of Different Fencing Materials

We’re going to look at some of the advantages different types of fencing materials provide, but it’s important to understand that a quality fence is more than its materials. The actual installation of the fence, i.e., how it’s built and the fencing crew plays a role in satisfaction and fence functionality.

But assuming you have your fence properly installed, the materials used to build the fence will bring many unique benefits. Here are some of them.

wood fencing material benefits, sugarmill flWood fences: handsome & traditional

Wood is a readily available natural material. It looks fantastic in virtually any application. A wood fence can be built with pickets as a lovely ornamental or safety fence. It also can be constructed with no gaps, making it the perfect privacy, noise-reduction, or security fence.

Wood fencing material is easy to configure, shape, and generally work with, saving lots of time and therefore cost – particularly with intricate custom installations.

The key to getting the longest life possible out of a wood fence is to make sure the wood is pressure-treated and weather-sealed. Periodic visual inspections will let you spot early signs of water damage or other structural issues and make prompt repairs.

Vinyl/PVC fences: durable & functional

A vinyl fence – also called PVC fence – can serve numerous purposes including security fencing, perimeter fencing, privacy fencing, and just about any other function. Vinyl is ultra-durable and will retain its good looks for many, many years.

This sturdy material won’t rot, blister, warp, or splinter. You’ll have basically zero preventative maintenance to engage in with this long-lasting fence type. Occasional spraying off or perhaps going over the fence with a sponge is about all a PVC fence requires.

Vinyl fencing is available in a range of colors and design styles, giving you a customized look and feel “right out of the box.”

Metal fences: strong & elegant

Aluminum, iron, and steel fences give a property a dignified, elegant look. When properly built and installed, a metal fence provides the ultimate fencing security as it’s very difficult to cut or break through.

Many homeowners choose metal fencing for ornamental or decorative purposes. Pool fences and play-area safety fences often are built of strong, durable metal materials.

Properly treated, a metal fence will resist rust and corrosion and will stand the test of time – typically lasting for far longer than you own your home. Metal can be a pricey material for fence construction, but for many people, its return far outweighs the investment.

chain link fence installation, nobleton flChain link fences: versatile & economical

If the wood picket fence is the “American standard,” then chain link fencing has to come a close second. Widely popular and economical for many applications, chain link fence installation is a simple process (for professional fencing contractors) and can be surface-treated to guard against rust and decay.

Chain link is a great material for safety fences for kids and pets, boundary fences, and privacy fences when slats are added to the fence.

In addition to being a lower-cost fencing material, chain link fences are considered “green” because they can easily be recycled when their service is finished.

Get that “perfect 10” fence you’ve been dreaming about

If you’re thinking of adding a new fence to your property, A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, is ready to make your fencing dreams a reality. We’re a licensed Florida fencing contractor, experienced in producing stunning results with all types of popular fencing materials.

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