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Why You Should Consider Aluminum Railings for Your Deck

If you’re planning a new deck, consider adding strong, resilient aluminum railings. If you have an existing deck with broken or deteriorated wood railings, replacing them with new aluminum railings is a smart move. Aluminum material for deck railings is beneficial in many ways. Let’s look at a few of them and then see how aluminum stacks up against other railing materials.

aluminum deck railings

aluminum railing in floridaMinimal maintenance:  There’s very little you’ll need to do to keep your aluminum railings looking great and lasting for decades. Occasional spraying with a hose and maybe wiping them down with soapy water once in a while is about all that’s necessary.

Rust- and corrosion-resistant:  Aluminum is a “non-ferrous” metal and thus highly resistant to rust and corrosion. This material is ideal for deck railings in the hottest, coldest, rainiest and snowiest environments and will serve you well for many years.

Cost advantages of aluminum railing:  Like aluminum railing, steel and wrought iron systems are quite handsome around a deck, but they’re going to cost you a lot more than aluminum. A wood railing system would be less expensive than aluminum, but with wood, you might have some maintenance tasks to see to, such as occasional re-painting and dealing with rotting issues as the years pass.

Great looks: Aluminum railing for decks is available in many colors, design styles and patterns that will give you a truly customized look that blends beautifully with your outdoor décor.

Why go with aluminum instead of other materials?

Water Deck Fence installation in Spring Hill, FlWhen professionally designed and installed, any material can look great and perform well as deck railing. But for many homeowners, aluminum railing is the material of choice.

Compared with steel railings:  Steel railings often have to be repainted every few years. Steel is a lot heavier than aluminum and more difficult to transport and work with. Aluminum is easy to handle and cut.

Compared with wood railings:  Wood railings, like all wood products, are susceptible to the ravages of the environment. Rain, searing heat and other extreme weather eventually will cause wood to rot. Wood needs regular repair as it ages; aluminum does not.

Compared with vinyl railings:  Some vinyl railing materials can expand and contract quite a bit with severe weather fluctuations, causing them to lose their perfect shape. In addition, vinyl is not nearly as resilient as aluminum and may fade and crack after years of use, whereas powder-coated aluminum railings will hold up well decade after decade.

Most railing materials when made well and correctly installed will serve the two main purposes for deck railing: provide safety and make the deck look fantastic. For many homeowners, aluminum deck railings are the ideal choice. It’s always a good idea to consult with a licensed deck and fencing contractor to discuss the various advantages of all the different types of material that can be used to build a deck railing.

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, can help you decide on the perfect style of railing for your deck. We install aluminum railings and other deck railing material at homes throughout Florida’s Hernando, Pasco and Citrus counties. Call us for the “perfect 10” railing today at (352) 606-2623.