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Benefits & Advantages of Aluminum Fences

If you’ve been thinking about adding a new fence to your property, an aluminum fence might be just what you’re looking for. Affordable and beautiful, a new aluminum fence can serve a variety of purposes and they look great while doing it.

Here are some reasons more and more homeowners are going with aluminum fencing.

aluminum fence installation, homosassa flLong-lasting

Like other metal materials, aluminum is long-lasting and will retain its configuration and aesthetic qualities for decades to come.

Very low maintenance

Keeping an aluminum fence attractive mainly means hosing it off periodically. It won’t need regular refinishing treatments (as with a wood fence), and it won’t rust.

No rusting with aluminum fencing

Other types of metal fencing materials are susceptible to rust, and care must be taken to prevent this problem so it doesn’t destroy parts of the fence. Aluminum is a non-rusting material and will keep going strong when other fences are in dire need of repair.

Installation on difficult terrains

The rackable design of aluminum fencing materials makes it easy for them to be installed on wavy, sloped or uneven ground in a way that retains a customized look without large gaps at the bottom.

Aluminum security fences

When you want to secure your property from intruders, an aluminum fence and locking gate system is an ideal way to do it. Choosing a style with spear pickets makes the fence even more of a deterrent.

Perfect pool fence

Pool fences are important, and aluminum is the perfect choice as it won’t rust or rot when water gets all over it. And with an open-picket design, it’s easy for someone in the house to keep an eye on what’s happening in and around the pool.

Great safety fence

If you have young children and pets you want to keep contained within your property while they’re playing, a beautiful aluminum fence is a great way to do it. Even the best climbing dogs will find it impossible to scale an aluminum fence with its slick, open pickets.

Attractive pricing

Aluminum is about 65% lighter than steel fencing, making it easier to fabricate, transport, handle and install. This results in lower labor costs along the chain and considerable money savings for you.

Environmentally responsible

The aluminum fencing material you use for your fence may have been recycled from some previous use. And your fence can be recycled at whatever time it’s no longer needed.

metal fence install in hernando flHire a qualified local fencing contractor for aluminum fence installations

The very best aluminum fences are the ones designed and installed by a licensed fencing contractor with years of experience installing aluminum fences in a variety of terrains and configurations.

When looking for a fence installer, make sure that the people you talk with have expertise working with aluminum materials and can properly install your new fence exactly as you want it on your property. It’s never advisable to hire a “handyman” or a friend who’s “good with tools” to install your fence.

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, is a licensed Florida fencing contractor that will work closely with you to create the “perfect 10” fence you’ve been dreaming about. Find out more about aluminum fences by calling
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