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Ways to Improve Your Backyard Security

Your backyard can be an easy point of entry for a burglar. Lawn furniture, outdoor grills, and other outdoor entertainment equipment can attract crimes of opportunity. You can protect your home from criminal activity by improving your backyard security.

Security in back yard, Hernando fl#1. Install a Home Security System

There are many home security systems available today. The most effective security systems include cameras and motion sensors. You could choose a system that automatically contacts the police when there is suspicious activity in your yard or sends alerts directly to your phone.

Once you’ve set up a security system, be sure to post signs in your yard advertising it! Even posting a “Beware of Dog” sign around your yard can deter a criminal. Burglars are much less likely to target a home that looks as thought it has a security system.



#2. Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Store valuable outdoor furnishings, entertainment equipment, and tools out of sight. Backyard thefts are often crimes of opportunity. If a passerby can easily see your sparkling new grill or luxurious outdoor furniture, they may be more likely to target your home.

When you aren’t in your yard, place a cover on your grill. Store valuable tools in a garage or shed. When you aren’t using your outdoor furniture during cold weather, store it in a secure place like your garage.

It is a good idea to have window treatments on first-floor windows that hide valuables inside your home. Nearly a quarter of burglars break into houses through first-floor windows.

#3. Design Landscaping Deterrents

How you design your landscape can keep burglars away. Under windows and around other possible entrances, plant thorny bushes like roses that a criminal can’t comfortably hide in. Move any trees near a fence or window to another area so a burglar can’t use them to climb over your fence or up to a window. Don’t plant tall bushes or shrubs around any entrances. Otherwise, a burglar could hide in them to ambush you.

It’s a great idea to incorporate lighting into your landscaping. Motion detector lights are an excellent security feature. They are triggered by movement and can alert you if someone enters your yard.

security privacy fence install in homosassa FL#4. Install a Sturdy Fence

Fencing can provide a significant amount of security. Not all fences are designed for protection. Split rail fencing and picket fences aren’t good options for security. A burglar may be able to breech those fences easily. The best fencing for security is a tall privacy fence.

A six-foot privacy fence could significantly improve your backyard security. This fence is designed to obstruct the view to your yard so your shiny new BBQ can’t tempt potential burglars. It is challenging to climb since there is nothing to hold onto and the top is pointed.

Add a self-closing lock to the fence for additional security. The lock should be placed on the inside of the fence so that it’s difficult to reach from the outside.

No one wants to be the victim of a burglar. You can reduce the risk that your home may be hit by taking these four steps to secure your backyard. Installing a security system and posting signs that advertise it will make burglars think twice about trespassing on your property. Your yard won’t be tempting to a thief if you keep valuable tools, lawn furniture, and outdoor entertainment equipment out of sight. Designing your landscaping with security in mind will reduce the risk that a burglar can get a jump on you. One of the most important steps you can take is installing a security fence that blocks your backyard’s view and prevents others from easily getting in. These four steps can deter thieves.

If your home isn’t secured by a privacy fence, give us a call! We can build a strong fence for backyard security.