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Which Fence is Right for You?

“What is the best fencing material?” This is the first question that most homeowners ask when they are considering putting up a fence. The question you should start with is, “What will be the fence’s primary function?” The right material for your fence depends on whether you are adding it for curb appeal, privacy, security, or to protect your pets or children. You should choose fence materials that’s best suited for that purpose. We’ve put together this guide to help you plan the perfect fence for your home.

What Type of Fence are You Building?

fencing types, pasco county flDecorative Fence

The purpose of a decorative fence is to improve your home’s curb appeal. Decorative fences often have gaps between the slats that allow passersby to see your lovely landscaping. Wood and wrought iron are the most popular materials for this type of fence.

Privacy Fence

Privacy fences are popular in neighborhoods where homes are close together. Since the purpose of this fence is to prevent prying eyes from seeing into your backyard, it usually won’t have any gaps in it. Wood and PVC/vinyl are the best options. You can choose from a wide range of beautiful designs in either material.


Security Fence

While all fences provide some security, a security fence is specifically designed to make it difficult for trespassers to get onto your property. The tops of these fences are designed to be difficult to climb over. Wrought iron and steel are ideal materials for security fences. Both are tough, long-lasting metals.

Containment Fence

A containment fence or pet fence is designed to keep your pet or children inside your yard. A good containment fence won’t have an opening large enough for a child or pet to crawl through. It should be tall enough that it can’t be jumped or climbed over either. The finest materials for a containment fence are PVC/vinyl and aluminum.

How Should You Budget for Your Fence?


The cost of a wood fence ranges depending on the type of wood you choose. If you choose pressure-treated pine, your fence will cost much less than a fence made of cedar or redwood. The average cost for a wood fence in the U.S.A. is $2,750, according to HomeAdvisor’s True Cost Guide. Keep in mind this is only the installation cost; it doesn’t include the cost of regular maintenance. You should apply a weather seal once a year to protect it from water and prevent it from rotting.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is another popular, traditional fence material. Unlike wood, it requires very little maintenance besides an occasional cleaning or new coat of paint. The average installation cost for a wrought iron fence
is around $2,690.


PVC/Vinyl is an attractive alternative to wood or metal. It’s becoming popular because it’s weather-resistant and durable. All you have to do is clean it occasionally to prevent it from looking dingy. The installation cost is more expensive. The average cost to install a PVC/vinyl fence is $3,590.

aluminum fence in hernando county flAluminum & Steel

The cost of an aluminum or steel fence is about the same. Average homeowners spend around $3,660 to install an aluminum or steel fence. While the prices are the same, the two metals aren’t. Aluminum is much more flexible than steel, so it isn’t ideal for security or containment fences. But it is more visually appealing and won’t rust, making it an excellent choice for a decorative or privacy fence. Steel is much stronger than aluminum, but it requires more maintenance. A steel fence should be sanded and repainted regularly to prevent it from rusting.

We hope this quick guide has helped you determine the primary goal for your fence and narrow down your choices. The best fence material and design depend on what you are looking for. If you need help designing or installing your fence, reach out to the experts on our team! We are experienced contractors who have worked with homeowners like you for years to design and install beautiful fences that last.