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To Repair or Replace a Damaged Wood Fence

If you have a fairly new wood fence that’s leaning or whose pickets or rails are loose or missing, you have an issue that needs to be brought up with the fence installer. If, however, your fence is getting up there in age and showing signs of significant disrepair, you have to decide whether to have it repaired or replaced.

Here are some things to consider.

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Several scenarios with wood fences

Of course you want to avoid installing a brand-new fence if you can. In many cases, damaged wood fences can be repaired and “live to fight another day” – or decade.

In other cases, you may find that the cost of what is becoming regular repair work will soon exceed the value of the fence. This is an eventual issue with wood fences that can’t be avoided, although, if the fence was properly installed and the materials were top-grade and you perform the necessary maintenance, you shouldn’t reach this state until the fence has served you well for many, many years.

When to repair your fence

The wooden posts, boards and rails of your fence may show signs of splitting or rotting over time. Wood can warp, so watch for signs of bowed areas within your fence. Rot and mold often are seen in sections of a fence where it touches dirt or soil.

While these problems are eyesores, they don’t necessarily point to the need for a new fence. Sections of your fence likely can be replaced, assuming the damage isn’t widespread. By adding new wood posts, boards or rails, you’ll give the fence new strength that should last well into the future.

Where rotting is concerned, this can be kept under control by having your fence water-sealed annually or on a schedule recommended by your contractor or fence builder.

When to replace your fence

damaged wood fence, new port richey, flThere are two reasons to replace your wood fence:

  1. When it no longer meets your aesthetic standards
  2. When it can no longer do the job it was built for

Your eye will tell you when it’s time to install a new fence. When your current fence is leaning throughout, severely rotted or faded and broken, it looks horrible and does nothing to enhance the appearance of your property, not to mention the value. This is the time to plan for a new fence.

At one point, your fence may not be able to do its intended job:

  • A security fence is no longer secure
  • A privacy fence doesn’t offer enough privacy
  • A safety fence can’t keep kids and pets from getting outside it
  • A decorative fence has lost its decorative appeal
  • A pool fence no longer guards the pool

These are some of the considerations that may cause you to decide on having a new wood fence installed. But remember – it’s always up to you. You’re the one who has to live with your fence, so you’ll determine when to stop repairing and start rebuilding.

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, is a licensed Florida fencing contractor who can help you with wood fence repair and new wood fence installation. We also can help you make the decision between wood fence repair or replacement based on your fencing needs, aesthetic standards and budget.

Talk with a fencing expert at A Perfect 10 Fencing (352) 606-2623, and learn more about “perfect 10” fences built and repaired by our experienced professionals.