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Does a Fence Increase the Value of Your Home?

When selling a home, owners want to get as much as they can out of it. Often the question comes up about whether or not a new (or existing) fence will increase the home’s market value.

It’s possible that adding a new vinyl, wood, aluminum or chain link fence will allow you to up your asking price and consequently recoup some of your fencing investment. It’s unlikely you’ll recoup all of it, and you may not recoup any – it all depends on factors within your local market. Your real estate agent can go over market details and help you make decisions about what to upgrade and what to leave alone.

vinyl privacy fence installation, hernando flHow a fence increases the perceived value of your home

Actual home value is one thing. Perceived home value is another. It’s well-known that many homebuyers are attracted to homes with fences. Popular types of fencing buyers often look for:

  • Security fences
  • Safety fences for kids and pets
  • Ornamental or decorative fences
  • Perimeter fences
  • Privacy fence
  • Noise-blocking fences
  • Pool fences

For a lot of today’s buyers, a handsome fence in good repair is a key motivator for them to make an offer on a home. Therefore, as with fireplaces, pools and other amenities, a quality fence can in many cases cause your home to sell faster, which is of great benefit to you.

Homes that languish on the market for months (or years) create a variety of headaches for the owners – especially if the owners have already moved and are now juggling two mortgages. Realtors work hard to reduce a home’s days on the market, and a well-made fence will itself work hard toward this end.

property fence styles, homosassa fl

What’s the ideal kind of fencing material?

If you think you’ll be selling your home in the next several years and want to add a nice fence, you have several options. First, consider what purpose the fence will serve. The list above likely contains your purpose.

Next, consider the ideal material for the fence. If you’re seeking perimeter security, a sturdy aluminum or iron fence might be the perfect choice. Wood picket fences are great for decorative fencing. PVC/vinyl fences make great privacy & noise-blocking fences.

Fortunately, you don’t have to have it all figured out on your own. By working with an experienced local fencing contractor, you’ll get the benefit of his or her years of experience when selecting the perfect material and fencing style for your purposes.

When planning for a new fence installation, an important task will be checking with your city or county building department to find out if there are restrictions on fence height, placement location, fencing materials and other particulars. If you live within a managed community, consult with your homeowner’s association or similar entity before breaking ground.

When choosing a fencing contractor, you want to ensure that the person or company is licensed and fully insured. Determine if they have experience in the type of fencing project you’re thinking about. Get references and follow up on them. Check with your local Better Business Bureau for formal complaints against the company.

Get on the road to your perfect fence

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, is a licensed Florida fencing contractor with years of experience in the installation of all the fence styles and materials we talked about here. Let us build you the “perfect 10” fence, which is the only kind that’s good enough for your property – whether you’re selling it or not.

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