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What Color Fence Is Best for Your Property?

Fences, particularly wood fences, can be painted or stained in any color you want. This is a fairly involved job, but don’t let it sidetrack you from the key decision to make before any work starts: What color paint or stain will you use for your fence?

Here are a few tips for deciding on the color of your wood fence. Remember, though, these are just tips. There are no “set-in-stone” rules for fence colors (unless you have an HOA – see below).

painting a wood fence, nobleton flBlend in with your home

From a visual perspective, fences look better when they comfortably contrast with or complement the dominant color of your home. As to the house’s trim, an exact color match in your fence might look striking.

There are many color combinations that will make a good blend between home and fence. The important thing is to avoid selecting a fence color that you really like and would look fantastic – but only if there was no house anywhere near it.

Avoid large sections of same-colors on your property

Contrast is the key when considering the dominant color of your house and the color for your fence. In most cases, a perfect match between the two colors will give your property a washed-out look. Either that, or it could look almost gimmicky.

As noted, house trim and fencing often look great in the same exact color – but you’ll need to consider this if and when it comes time to repaint either the house or the fence.

Other wood structures on your property

If you have a wood deck, lots of wood in a porch area or sheds or other outbuildings made of wood, how will your new fence color work with them?

You’re aiming for a pleasing blend, and that means different things to different people. Lighter colors can look fabulous alongside darker colors, for example, or two similar shades might be just the look you’re after. Give it some thought and go with what your instincts tell you.

Do you have a homeowners’ association?

If your neighborhood is regulated by a homeowners’ association (HOA), you need to check with somebody in charge before you buy any paint.

Your HOA may have color guidelines for structures on your property. At the very least, you can tell the HOA rep (or demonstrate with samples or with your smartphone) what fence color you’re thinking about and see if that works within the association’s parameters.

fence installs in beverly hills flInspect and prep before painting

When you’ve got all your ducks in a row for your new fence color, have the fence inspected before laying on any paint. A licensed fencing contractor is your best choice to evaluate the condition of your fencing material and the soundness of its installation prior to prepping the fence for sanding and painting.

If any repairs are needed, it’s much better to have them made prior to getting your fence all nice and painted. Most fencing contractors offer fence inspections and all types of fencing repairs for wood as well as chain link, metal and vinyl fences. Once your fence is repaired, the sanding step can begin.


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