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Best Kind of Fence for a Grade on Your Property?

fence installation, pasco county floridaFences installed on flat ground require homeowners simply to choose the style and material of the fence. When installing a fence on a property grade, a decision has to be made about the installation method, which will have everything to do with how the fence looks.

A good fencing contractor can install a new wood, chain link, PVC or aluminum fence on a variety of grade levels. Your decision is whether you want what’s called a “racked fence” or a “stepped fence.”

Racked fencing installation

A racked fence follows the grade of the land on which it’s being installed. This means that the top ridge of the fence will more or less go up or down in the same direction as the ground.

Racked fences have a flowing, natural look as they blend in well with sloping terrain. Each panel of the racked fence is installed right next to the ground, making it a perfect type of fence for privacy, security, noise-reduction and safety for playing kids and pets.

Note that racked fences are ideally suited for grades of 15 degrees or less.

Stepped fencing installation

Stepped fencing has the appearance of steps along the grade of your property. Each fence panel is installed to be level rather than following the grade of the land like a racked fence. Stepped fence installation results in a fence with most or all of its panels at graduating/descending heights.

A stepped fence will naturally leave gaps between the panels and the ground. These spaces can be filled in with soil or other landscaping material; if the gaps are not sealed, a stepped fence is not ideal to contain smaller pets.

Working with your fencing contractor

Fence on a grade, hernando county flAn experienced local fencing contractor will be able to show you examples of racked and stepped fences and help you visualize how each might look on your property. The contractor also will analyze the terrain where the fence is to be built to know ahead of time about any rock or soil issues that could affect the installation.

Your contractor will take the entire fence into consideration – you may have alternating sections of sloped and flat land. A contractor who is skilled in a wide range of fence installations will be able to ensure that you end up with the ideal fence you have in mind, regardless of the terrain the fence will be set in.

While there are some websites and books claiming that stepped and racked fence installations are do-it-yourself projects, if you’re not extremely familiar with this type of work and the tools required, it’s best to have your fence built by a professional.

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, is a licensed Florida fencing contractor with experience in both stepped and racked fencing installations. We install beautiful fences throughout Hernando, Pasco and Citrus counties, and we’d love to amaze you with a stunning new fence at your home. Talk with a fence expert about your plans at (352) 606-2623.