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Installing a Fence around Your Kids’ Play Area

Your children like to play outside, but outside is often out of your sight. A quality fence around their play area will alleviate some of your concerns by offering a good safeguard.

Parents install play area fences for two main reasons:

  1. To keep kids within a designated space
  2. To keep strangers and dogs and other potentially dangerous animals away from the kids

fencing for play areas, crystal river flConsiderations when installing a play area fence for security

When installing a fence to provide security for your kids, here are some things to consider.

Fence height: A key consideration is going to be the height of the fence. In many communities, zoning regulations allow for taller fences in the backyard than in the front of the property, so keep this in mind when planning for your fence.

Play area location: If protection from intruders is a big factor in building your fence, a backyard play area with a taller fence would probably make more sense than a play area in the front yard. It would make even more sense if your backyard is generally more difficult for strangers to access than the front yard.

Security fencing materials: Security fences can be built from a variety of materials including wood, chain link, metal and PVC/vinyl. Note that metal, wood pickets and open chain link fences will allow people off your property to see onto it. Closed wood fence styles, PVC fencing and chain link fencing with slats will block the view from onlookers.

Security gate systems: A security fence for a play area won’t be much good if you have no secure gate system. Gates can be installed with digital or key locks.

fence with secure gate, beverly hills flChild safety fences

If your primary concern with a play area fence is to keep your children contained within a space, there are many excellent safety fence options.

Safety fencing materials: Are your children good climbers? If they’re old enough to scale a fence, build one that discourages this behavior. Choices include metal, vinyl and wood fences.

Boundaries: A fence doesn’t necessarily have to run along the exact property boundaries. If you’re installing a new fence for the sole purpose of securing your kids in an area, determine what that area is and have the fence built specifically around it rather than around the entire property.


Pool safety fences: In more and more jurisdictions, fences are required around swimming pools. The purpose of a pool fence is simply to keep people away from the pool when it’s unsupervised, so most fencing materials will do the job well.

Child safety gates: If your fence will call for a gate, make sure it can be locked. If you choose to have a gate with only a simple latch, make sure the latch is too high for small children to reach.

Your dogs: Along with containing children, fences can be quite effective at containing dogs. For small dogs who aren’t into jumping and climbing, most fencing styles will do. For jumpers and climbers, it’s the same with kids: build a fence that cannot be climbed or leapt over.

Get the right play area fence for your home

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, specializes in play area fences made from wood, vinyl/PVC, metal and chain link. Tell us what you want to accomplish with your fence, and we’ll tell you how we can build you the “perfect 10” safety or security fence for your kids and pets.

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