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What is a Good Neighbor Fence?

Fences that divide two residential properties can be the subject of much dispute between neighbors. The disputes usually are over where the neighbor installing a fence determined the property boundaries to be; in other cases, disputes arise when the party not installing the fence ends up with the unfinished side of the fence facing his or her property.

Boundary issues can be resolved by making sure where the exact property lines fall. Aesthetic issues can be prevented by installing what is commonly called a “good neighbor fence.”

The simplicity of a good neighbor fence

good neighbor wood fencing, hernando floridaA good neighbor fence can be any fence, but the term is usually applied to wood or PVC privacy fences (as opposed to wrought iron security fences or chain link fences).

The idea with these fences is to be a “good neighbor” by having the fence installed so that the posts and rails face inward on your property and the flush finished side faces your neighbor’s property. You’re being a good neighbor by giving him or her the “best” side of the fence to look at.

This may sound like a minor point, but a lot of trouble has resulted from homeowners building their fences with the finished sides facing their property and the dull, unfinished sides facing the property of their neighbors.

Check before you install a fence

While good neighbor fences aren’t a law – you won’t be punished if you install your fence the other way around – they are required by some homeowner’s associations. It’s important to check with your HOA or other entity that governs the work you do on your property before installing any kind of fence.

As to neighbors who will be sharing the fence, it’s considered good etiquette to alert them to your plans to build your fence at least 30 days before work begins. You’re not asking their permission, rather just giving them a polite heads-up that a lot of action is going to be happening between the two properties in the near future.

Fencing alternatives

shadowbox fence, crystal river flPrivacy fences are typically made of wood or vinyl fencing materials and are thus named because they completely or mostly block the view from outside your property. A standard fence will serve this purpose, but there are alternatives if neither you nor your neighbor wants the unfinished side of the fence facing his or her direction.

For example, a shadow box fence is built with offset slats and normal rail systems on both sides of the fence, so that both sides appear identical. Your fencing contractor may be able to build other styles of privacy fences that will keep you and your neighbor happy.

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, is a licensed Florida fencing contractor with years of experience installing exceptional privacy fences for our customers. We can build a beautiful good neighbor fence, and we also can build a handsome shadow box fence and many other unique styles.

Get more info on the fence you’re thinking about by speaking with a fencing expert at (352) 606-2623. We build only “perfect 10 fences,” every job, every time.