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Have You Been Thinking about a Front Yard Fence?

A beautifully fenced front yard adds a touch of elegance and completion to just about any residential property. If you’ve been thinking about the best way to add some fencing to the front of your home, here are some ideas that will be helpful.

Wood Fence Installations In Hernando, FlWhat will be the purpose of your front yard fence?

If you work with a fencing contractor, you’ll talk in-depth about your fence’s main purpose, but here are six popular uses for front yard fences to get you started.

Security fence

Do you want your home to be more secure and safe? A security fence can be part of the answer. Sturdy wood, PVC, or metal fencing around your entire front-yard area creates a visible deterrent to intruders. You can add a computerized locking gate system – either a single-entry or a driveway gate – to further secure your property.


Safety fence

Many Florida homeowners fence in their front yards to keep young children and pets from wandering off and getting into trouble. Chain link and picket-style fences are ideal materials for a safety fence.

Privacy fence

Privacy fences are common in back yards, but you can have one built around the front of your property as well. This fencing style blocks the view of your home and activities from neighbors and people passing on the street.


PVC vinyl fence installation in Homosassa fl

Noise-reduction fence

A good-quality fence made from a solid material such as wood or vinyl will create a noise barrier against loud neighbors and street activity. Noise-reduction fences bring a sense of peace and tranquility to a front yard.

Border fence

If there’s any question where your property ends and your neighbors’ properties begin, a border fence will solve the issue. (Make sure you determine the legal boundaries before installing the fence.)  Border fencing also will keep other people’s pets, kids, toys, and foliage off your property.

Ornamental fence

Homeowners for whom none of the above apply often have a front yard fence installed simply to add elegance to their properties. Metal, PVC, and wood picket fences are ideal for this purpose. Your fencing contractor can show you a variety of fencing design styles to select from.

The property value benefit

Aside from the immediate benefits that come with different types of front yard fences, there’s the benefit of overall property enhancement, which can make a difference if you decide to sell your home.

It’s unlikely a fence will increase your appraised property value, but it definitely can attract buyers. Many homebuyers prefer homes with fenced-in front yards, which can lead to your home being sold faster.

Working with a local fencing contractor

You can buy “fence kits” that will guide you in installing your own fence, but unless you’re experienced with power tools, rock and boulder removal, land leveling, and related tasks, you’re probably better off working with an experienced fencing contractor from your area.

Local contractors know exactly what it will take to deliver the perfect front yard fence, and they’ll do all the heavy, dirty work for you.

If it’s time to look into a new fence for your front yard, A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, is here to help. We’re a licensed Florida fencing contractor with hundreds of successful projects under our belt. Give us a call at (352) 606-2623 and let us help you plan and create your new front yard fence.