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Helpful Fencing Terms for Homeowners

If you’re considering having a fence added to your property, you probably know exactly what you want. However, you may not understand a lot of the terminology that you’ll encounter during the planning and installation processes.

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, would like to share some helpful fencing terms so you’ll have a better understanding of fence installation and residential fencing in general.

installing fence post, Sugarmill FLFence post

Posts are the upright pieces that provide the strength to hold up the fence. The amount of space between the posts is determined by the type of fence and its structural needs as well as weather or terrain conditions that could affect the integrity of the fence.

Because of the critical job performed by fence posts, it’s vital that they be of top-quality material and be installed by an experienced fencing professional.

Corner post

These posts are placed at corner intersections of a fence and must be strong and stable. Corner posts sometimes are taller than other fence posts and may include toppers or other decorative amenities.

End post

An end post is found at the end of a section of fence. Commonly, this is where the fence terminates at the house or where a gate is included. In the latter case, the end post provides support for the gate and may be referred to as a “gate post.”


The vertical pieces held in place by rails (see below) are called pickets. As you’ve probably seen, pickets can be spaced close together or far apart, depending on the effect the homeowner desires. For complete privacy, pickets can abut one another, allowing no view through the fence. Pickets often have unique shapes at the top to give the fence more personality.


The fence rails do the important job of holding all the pickets securely in place. With sturdy posts spaced appropriately and an intelligent rail system, a fence is made strong and will last for many years. Most fences feature two or three evenly spaced horizontal rails.

Post caps

Post caps refer to any decorative element that goes on top of the fence posts. A wide array of designs are available, and your fencing contractor can show you examples and help you decide on the ideal cap design for your fence. Some fence caps include built-in lighting for a stunning look.


Most fences need some type of gate. Popular styles include single-entry and driveway gates that manually swing open and lock. Rolling, automated driveway gates can be opened without leaving your vehicle. A variety of closures and locks are available for gates, ranging from simple key systems to advanced computerized software.

fencing contractor, Crystal River FLYour fencing contractor will help with terminology

When you work with a licensed and experienced fencing contractor, he or she will help you with all the terminology relevant to your fence installation project.

That’s exactly what we do at A Perfect 10 Fencing, because we believe that perfect fences include making sure the homeowner understands the names and terminologies that will be used during planning and installation.

If it’s time for an exceptional “perfect 10” fence, reach a Florida fencing expert today at (352) 606-2623. You also can get in touch through our simple contact form.