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How Tall Should My New Fence Be?

When you decide to add a fence to your property, you have several things to consider. First, you need to know why you’re installing a fence in the first place. From there, you’ll decide how high you want the fence to be and the best fencing material to use in the installation.

Tall Wood Fence Installation in Hernando, FlWhy fence height matters

The purpose of your new fence will be the main factor in determining how tall it should be. Another factor will be fence-height restrictions that your city or county planning department or zoning department may have in place.

After checking local fencing regulations, your goal should be to choose a fence height that will allow your fence to serve the purpose for which it was intended.

What job will your fence perform?

Ideal fence heights for different 6 types of fences

Perimeter fence

The height of perimeter fencing isn’t as important as the fact that it’s in place and looks good. A three-foot-high perimeter fence is usually sufficient to establish property boundaries.

Popular fencing materials for perimeter fences include wood, vinyl, aluminum, and chain link Fence.

Security fence

Security fences tend to be among the taller of the various fence styles. Local fencing regulations often allow for higher fences in the back of properties than in front. For a front yard security fence, you’ll want to go as tall as you’re able – same with the backyard.  Five to six feet is ideal.

Metal, plastic, and wood are all good choices for a security fence. A locking gate/entryway should be part of this fence application.

vinyl fence in Hernando, FlSafety fence

The height of your safety fence will largely be based on the characteristics of the kids and pets you want to contain on your property. Three or four feet will be good in most cases. Dogs that are skilled climbers and jumpers may need a higher fence. If you have climbers or jumpers (either human or animal), a chain link is not an ideal fencing material because it provides openings to grab and get feet into. A wood or metal fence with pickets would work well, as would the various styles of PVC/vinyl fencing.

Barrier or protection fence

Barrier fences usually don’t have to be all that tall. The main thing is that they’re solid with no picket/post gaps.

The purpose is to keep your yard from feeling the brunt of strong winds and Solid wood and solid PVC fencing make great property-protection fences.

Decorative fence

Decorative or ornamental fences can look fantastic at three feet tall or much taller. Aesthetic quality is the point here, so work with your fencing contractor to devise the perfect height and style for your ornamental fence.

Metal is often the first choice for decorative fencing, although wood and plastic also can produce a nice result.

Pool fence

Because most pools are in backyards and their fences don’t border the property, you usually won’t have difficult city/county restrictions on height. In building a pool fence, you have two concerns: 1. The fence can’t be scaled easily, 2. It can’t be gotten through. All fencing materials can be appropriate for a pool fence, as long as the two concerns above are met. Adding a fence to your property (352) 606-2623.