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Danger of Not Using Licensed Fencing Contractors

aluminum fencing installation, pasco county FLHaving a fence built on your property is an investment that can pay off for you in many ways, from the function and aesthetics of the fence to the ability to attract more buyers when you decide to sell your home. For these and other reasons, you want your fence to be installed by reputable licensed fencing contractors.

Good vs. bad fence installation companies

A lot goes into a fence installation project. Your contractor must see to many details as a matter of routine including knowing the location of underground cables and power lines, understanding local zoning and building codes and much more. These details are just as important as the actual fence construction, because overlooking them can lead to serious trouble during and after the project.

One of the best ways to find a quality fence contractor is to ask friends and associates who they’ve used for fence installation projects. They’ll tell you right away if their contractor did a good or a poor job.

Short of personal references, you can check the fencing company’s website and learn a lot about its history, personnel and past work. The website Yelp may have unsolicited customer reviews of the company and its overall service.

Here are some other considerations.


A good fencing contractor will be able to show you the following items:

  • Current contractor’s license with the state(s) they do business in
  • Certificate of liability insurance
  • Proof of worker’s comp insurance


If a contractor gives you a fence bid that seems ridiculously low, beware. Many unlicensed fence builders will charge way below what a reputable contractor charges simply to get the job. You might consider getting a couple of estimates and comparing.


Most legitimate fencing contractors will handle securing the necessary home improvement or building permits from your city or other governing body. If the contractor says this is something you need to do, he or she may be telling you this to avoid having to “go above the radar” with a city or county office.

Warranty & insurance

“Fly-by-night” fence builders likely won’t offer a warranty on their work. A reputable fencing contractor will. You may never have to use the warranty, but it’s good to know you have one. Also, home insurance carriers typically won’t cover damage to fencing that was installed by a handyman or other non-licensed individual.

Time in business

A good rule of thumb is five years in business. This doesn’t mean that contractors with fewer than five years under their belts can’t do a great job – assuming everything else checks out. But longevity counts in business. Shoddy contractors who do subpar work usually won’t last very long in the competitive field of fence installation. Contractors that have been around for many years likely are doing things the right way.

reputable fencing contractors in Spring Hill, FLThe conversation

When you talk to a prospective fencing contractor, gauge how much he or she seems to really care about your project and your satisfaction. Ask questions to determine if the contractor has verifiable experience in the type of fence you’re thinking about. Get “a feel” for the contractor as to how easy he or she is to work with and the person’s general level of integrity and honesty.

Choosing a fencing contractor is a very important job. A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, is confident that we’ll pass any scrutiny with flying colors. We’re a licensed Florida fencing contractor with wide experience in all types of fencing projects. We’re licensed and insured, and we named our company after the only type of fence that’s good enough for us and for our customers: a “perfect 10” fence. Speak with a fencing expert today at (352) 606-2623.