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Metal or Wood: Which Is the Best Fence for You?

There’s a lot of debate about fencing materials. Some people say go with wood, others swear by metal fencing. The fact is, both materials can produce excellent fences that will serve you well for many years.

Let’s look at some differences between these two types of fences.

wood fence types, spring hill flWhat will the fence be used for?

Wood and metal fencing are both good choices for basic decorative fencing along property boundaries. Wood is usually not the material of choice for security fencing and gating systems. Aluminum, steel and other metals make excellent security fences.

On the other hand, wood is ideal for privacy fences, noise-reduction fences and safety fences for kids and pets. For pool fences, both materials can do a great job.

Life expectancy

Metal fences last a very long time, especially when the material is coated to protect against rust. Metal is virtually indestructible, even in high winds, pounding hail and incessant rain. Wood fences, when properly sealed, hold up well for years, but in the end, they won’t last as long as metal fences.

Maintaining wood and metal fences

Wood fences are susceptible to rotting and mildew because their porous surfaces absorb moisture and hold on to it. You can’t keep rain off your wood fence, but you can keep shrubbery trimmed back and keep damp soil away from the underside so the fence has good air circulation, which will help dry it out.

Your fencing contractor can recommend a good water sealant for wood fences that will give you long periods of solid protection between applications.

Certain types of metal will not rust; other types need to be coated with a rust inhibitor. Aside from controlling rust, maintenance for a metal fence involves basic power washing periodically to remove dust and oils.

Fence aesthetics

Both wood and metal fences can look gorgeous on any property. With wood fencing, you have more design options including sealed-off privacy fences, picket fences and layered effects, which allow partial visibility. Wood can be stained and painted to match any color scheme; it also can be installed in its natural state and look fantastic on your property.

Metal fences can include charming additions such as ball caps, knuckles, rings and finials to add flair and personal touches. Painted metal fences can be wonderful accents to your property.

metal fencing install in sugarmill flYour fencing contractor can help with your decision

We’ve presented just a few of the basic elements of wood and metal fencing. Your very best source of information when deciding between a metal and wood fence is the fencing contractor you choose.

Licensed fencing experts have experience in the installation of all types of wood and metal fences and can help you work through the pros and cons of each material. Your contractor will also survey your property and determine if the condition of the land or soil would make one type of fence a better choice.

Finally, once your contractor knows your purpose for your new fence, he or she can discuss with you many exciting options that will result in an ideal fence that will bring you years of beauty and service.

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, is a licensed Florida fencing contractor with wide experience in both wood and metal fence installations. Let us take the guesswork out of the process and build you a “perfect 10” fence just the way you want it. Speak with a fencing professional today at (352) 606-2623.