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The Allure of the All-American Picket Fence

You can put a wide variety of fences on your property, and, when properly built, they’ll all do the exact job you were expecting them to do. However, among all the fencing styles available over the years, the wooden picket fence still stands out as a traditional part of Americana.

white picket fence, Beverly Hills FLWhy picket fences are so popular

A quality wood picket fence does more than serve as a safety fence, perimeter fence or in some cases even a security fence. Picket fences give any property a nostalgic, homespun look that no other fencing material can provide.

Since the 1940s, picket fences have been all the range, particularly in small-town America. Many new fencing materials were seen in the ensuing years, but the picket fence has never gone out of style. These fences have such a unique look and speak of family, stability and comfort.

Advantages of wood picket fences

Of course, a person looking to have a fence installed is interested in all the aesthetic elements, but he or she also wants to know if a wood picket fence would be the best choice for other reasons.

People choose wood fencing because:

Wood fencing is easy to work with

Fencing builders and installers can do a lot of amazing customization to wood fencing materials, giving you the exact look and functions you desire.

Wood fencing materials are readily available

Wood is not only widely available, it’s also a sustainable source that is continually replenished.

Wood fences perfect for any color

Wood fences can be painted or stained in any color you choose to match the exterior décor of your home.

Wood fences are strong

A quality-built and properly maintained wood fence will hold up well for many years and is resistant to storm and wind damage.

Ideal uses for wood fences

Wood is versatile and is ideal for many different types of fence installation projects.

Perimeter fence

A wood fence is a great choice for marking property boundaries without spending larger amounts of money as you would for some of the other fencing materials available.

Safety fence

If you have young children and pets who play in the yard, a handsome wood picket fence will bring you peace of mind as it will keep the players in the yard where they belong.

Privacy fence

Most people don’t think of picket fences as privacy barriers, but they can be. The pickets can be moved closer together or offset, giving your property a greater degree of privacy from neighbors and passersby.

picket fence for rose garden, Spring Hill FL

Trellis fence

Wood fences in both front and back yards are great for hanging potted plants and above-ground gardens. Wood has a natural feel and adds to the aesthetic quality of any planters attached to them or hung from them.

Pool fence

Wooden picket fences make outstanding pool safety fences, particularly if they’re connected to a wooden decking system around the pool.

Is a modern picket fence right for your property?

If it’s time to have a fence installed and you’ve been hearing about the beautify, versatility

and cost-effectiveness of modern wood picket fences, A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, is here to help.

We’re a licensed Florida fencing contractor with years of experience in designing and installing the area’s most beautiful picket fences. Give us a call at (352) 606-2623, and let us tell you about getting a “perfect 10” picket fence for your home today.