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Privacy Fence Styles for Performance & Beauty

A common reason homeowners have fences installed is to afford them and their properties some privacy. A good privacy fence effectively blocks the view of neighbors, passersby and street traffic while adding an attractive decorative element to your property.

fenced in yard, spring hill flBest privacy fence materials

With some modifications, just about any fencing material can be used to construct a privacy fence. But the two best materials that are perfect “right out of the box” are wood and vinyl (PVC).

Wood is a strong and economical material. It provides a nostalgic, traditional look that many homeowners love. Wood fencing material can be painted any color you choose and will perform well for many years when properly built and installed.

Vinyl fencing is virtually indestructible and is one of the easiest fencing materials to maintain. PVC fencing won’t rot or rust, and about all that’s needed to keep it looking fantastic is an occasional spray-off.

Two ideal privacy fence styles

Two styles of wood and vinyl fencing make excellent privacy fences.

  1. Solid fence

These fences feature solid surfaces with no openings between the slats, offering the ultimate privacy. Both wood and vinyl solid fences can be decorated with post toppers and fancy lattice work.

Aside from privacy, these fences offer superior protection against the damage that can be caused by wind storms. They also prevent trash and debris from blowing onto your property.

  1. Board-on-board fence

Board-on-board fences made from wood or vinyl offer a mostly private barrier. The slats are offset – one slat in front and to the side of the other and so on down the line, resulting in an elegant fence design.

With a board-on-board fence, visibility is blocked when looking straight at it; when viewed at an angle, there’s partial visibility through the fence.

privacy fence installation, nobleton fl Custom fence installation

When you work with a local fencing contractor who’s experienced in building privacy fences, you can specify a variety of unique design additions to make your fence truly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Post toppers and lattices, as noted, as well as various widths and thicknesses of posts and slats, unique coloring choices and height options are all available to you.

Another element of privacy fence installation may be dealing with rocky soil or sloped terrain. Your contractor should have the equipment and experience to work with these challenges and produce a fence you’ll be proud of for many years to come.

With any type of fence installation, your contractor will sit down with you before any work begins and go over the options you can select for a specific style of fence. A good fence builder will answer all questions and explain installation and details of different fencing materials in a way you completely understand.

Get Your Perfect 10 Privacy Fence

A Perfect 10 Fencing of Brooksville, FL, is a licensed fencing contractor with years of experience in building beautiful, highly functional privacy fences. We’ll take your ideas and use our expertise to create a “perfect 10” fence, which is the only kind we build and the only kind you deserve.

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