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Questions to Ask a Fence Contractor

So, you have decided to install a fence on your property, perhaps to keep your pets or kids in or to keep other pets and kids out. Whatever the reason you want to put a new fence, here are some questions to ask a fence contractor so you get the best fence .

Is the Fence Contractor Reputable?

When hiring a fence contractor, the first thing you need to consider is to make sure they are honest and know what they are doing. Ask your fence contractor if they are licensed and insured; if they aren’t, you want to find a contractor with those credentials.

Ask the contractor if they are a member of the Better Business Bureau and if they have a Yelp account. Be sure to check Google for reviews as well. Reading reviews from previous customers will quickly make it clear if the contractor is trustworthy or not.

decorative vinyl fence installation, nobleton flWhat Types of Fences Can the Contractor Put Up?

When choosing a fence contractor, they must meet your needs. Sometimes an experienced fence contractor will suggest a different type of fence than you had in mind. Ask the contractor how many types of fences they can put up. If the contractor can’t assemble the fence type you want or want to try and put up that type of fence for the first time, then move on.

Does the Contractor Handle Permits and Utilities?

A good fence contractor won’t burden you with filing for permits. In a qualified fence contractor’s office, a specialist will handle getting the required permits. They also contact your utilities to make sure no lines or pipes are damaged during the installation of the fences. The convenience of having not having to pursue getting permits or contacting utilities is worth a few dollars more in the cost of having a fence installed.

What is the Expected Start and Finish for Installing the Fence?

A good fence contractor will have a full schedule, and it may take a few months before they can begin on your project. It is also important to remember that we are in the middle of a supply shortage for construction materials, including fences. It may take longer than it usually would to complete the installation of your new fencing. In any case, be sure that your contractor gives you a start date so you can make preparations.

Is the Fence Warrantied, and Does it Include Labor?

When choosing a fence contractor, it is important that you know if they warranty their work. A good warranty will cover both parts and labor. Even the best contractors can receive defective parts from the manufacturer; if a contractor doesn’t warranty their parts and labor, it’s best to find another contractor.

chain link fence installation, beverly hills flCan You See Examples of the Contractor’s Work

If you can’t see examples of a contractor’s previous work, you can’t be one-hundred percent sure that they will produce the work they promise. A reputable contractor will be able to produce examples of their work. Usually, most good contractors will have videos and pictures of their previous work on their website. Avoid a fence contractor who can’t give you examples of their work; there is a reason why they can’t or won’t show you.




What Type of Payments Does the Fence Contractor Take?

We are long past the days of contractors only accepting checks, money orders, or credit cards. While those three payment methods are still an option, many fence contractors will accept pay platforms like PayPal, Venmo, and Stripe. Ask a contractor what types of payments they take when deciding who will install your fence.

To Sum Up

It’s important to ask contractors about the type of fence you want to be installed when it will be installed, and if it’s warrantied. The more questions you ask a contractor, the better the choice you will make.

Let A Perfect 10 Fencing Install Your Fence

At A Perfect 10 Fencing, we look forward to answering questions from customers and installing their fencing. Call us today about installing a fence on your property. A friendly and qualified member of our staff will be happy to answer any questions you have and schedule a time when we can provide you with a free estimate.